The Teaching Hub: Week 3, Fall 2017

Teaching Hub Week 3

Gerald-G-Fast-Food-Drinks-FF-Menu-8-300px Engaging Teaching

This week, we’re featuring a patch from two members of our own Learning Design & Support Team, Terry Greene & Jodie Black, who’ve got some ideas for Adjusting Instruction During a Lesson, or adapting while you and your students are J.T.L.A. (just teaching & learning along).
Check it out, and let us know your thoughts, and/or any tips you’d like to add. Blog with #FlemingCampsites or as a hashtag, and/or tweet us: #FlemingLDS.

Did you know?: You, too, can write your very own “patch” for The Open Faculty Patchbook. Contact the LDS Team for more information.


vhs-2400px Learning Technology

D2L Thing of the Week: Grade Book

DON'T GO.png

Nothing is more satisfying in life than making this annoying note go away from your D2L grade book. That’s because it means you’ve created a happy grade book. If D2L were a Super Mario game, that note would be the Bowser at the end of the level. You have to jump on its head three times to make it go away. Here are the instructions for defeating the D2L Bowser (starting on Page 4). Let us know if you need help. We’ll be Luigi to your Mario.

Non-D2L Thing of the Week: Quizizz

If you have heard of or tried Kahoot!, or even if you haven’t, you may want to check out Quizizz:



lifebelt-juliane-krug-01.pngCollege Departments

Tutoring & Academic Skills

Tutoring is here, free, and available for all students. The T.A.S.C. Force offers one-on-one and small group sessions PLUS drop-in sessions for Math and Communications.  

So, should your students maybe know about this service?

GIF from


  • Your students can book an appointment for a tutor online here.
  • Or, students may be able to become a tutor themselves, here.


imagebot2Policies & Procedures

Student Rights & Responsibilities


“Responsibility.” flickr photo by nosha shared under a Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0) license

Fleming’s Student Rights & Responsibilities Policy sets out the “expectation that students will conduct themselves as responsible members of the College community.”

Helpful, right? Even more helpful, the policy has its own website, where you can find the policy and related procedures, the online complaint form, and other helpful resources.



speech-bubble-2400pxServices for Students

Some great workshops to which you can refer your students are coming up soon in the Campus Health Workshop Series:


LadyReadingSilhouette-300px Read It And Tweet

You may have heard the tragic (but exciting!) news that the LDS Team’s own Terry Greene has left us. Thankfully, it’s not permanent (and in any case, we’ve been assured that it’s not us, it’s him); he’s been seconded to eCampus Ontario to work as a Program Manager until next spring. And even though he’s gone, he’s promised to still listen, as he details in his blog post about his new gig: Sliding In.

Check it out, connect with him on Twitter, and feel free to tweet about how his leaving makes you feel. Your hashtag options are #FlemingLDS, #RIATFleming, #wellmissyouTerryorsoyourcakesaid, and #solongTerrydontletthedoorhityouonthewayout!


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The Teaching Hub: Week Two, Fall 2017


Gerald-G-Fast-Food-Drinks-FF-Menu-8-300px Engaging Teaching

This week we’re featuring the newest “patch” in our “Community Quilt of Pedagogy” (a.k.a. The Open Faculty Patchbook): (Un)Prepared. While you’re hopefully not actually feeling unprepared at this point, there is plenty to consider in this post about change, iterative design, and flexibility.

startHave a read, and let us know what you think. Blog with #FlemingCampsites as a hashtag, and/or tweet us: #FlemingLDS.


vhs-2400px Learning Technology

D2L Thing of the Week: Attendance


Click here for our handy dandy super deluxe tipsheet.

Non-D2L Thing of the Week: Powerpoint


Now, to do this right, let’s be clear about what PowerPoint is and what it isn’t.

  • What it is: a slide deck. A visual complement to an engaging talk or seminar.
  • What it isn’t: a lecture, or a piece of curriculum in and of itself.

We all want our PowerPoint slides to reach their potential, so please sit your slides down in a quiet spot and give them this unsolicited advice:

  • Be a slide of few words: You are a slide. You’re only here for emphasis. You’re not the whole show; you’re a back-up singer.
  • Look good: Wear a nice picture as your background. You can find cool, shareable pics for your outfit using Creative Commons Flickr Search, or make your own!
  • Be there for everybody: Get yourself checked for accessibility issues, and then fix them.


lifebelt-juliane-krug-01.pngCollege Departments

Human Resources

Human Resources can be a very good, well, resource for new employees. In addition to all of the other important information they possess, their website contains a link dedicated to new employees, as well as a resource designed specifically for new faculty members. Check them out for all kinds of helpful things!


imagebot2Policies & Procedures

Mandatory Training

Those helpful folks in HR are also the ones who want you to complete your mandatory training at your earliest possible opportunity. Hopefully this isn’t the first you’ve heard of mandatory training here at Fleming, but to refresh your memory, there are a total of five (5) mandatory training modules to be completed by all faculty members:

If you are new contract faculty (or haven’t done your mandatory training yet), you can be paid for your time! For details check out Mandatory Training Compensation.


speech-bubble-2400pxServices for Students


As communicated by email last week, the Counselling and Accessible Education Services departments have made some changes in the way services are delivered to students:

Two Teams of Counsellors

  • Accessible Education Services (AES) counsellors will focus on the disability and accommodation needs of students, while


  • Personal counsellors will provide counselling related to mental health and personal wellness. Personal counselling will use a Stepped-Care Model of service delivery; students will be presented with a range of options to address their needs, including online resources, groups, and wellness workshops, in addition to traditional one-on-one brief counselling.
  • All counsellors will be able to address academic questions or concerns.


Academic Accommodations

  • Letters of Accommodation are replacing the former Memo to Faculty, and will be communicated electronically by the AES counsellors rather than in hard copy by students.

Testing Accommodations


fire-line-art-Anonymous-fire-300px Fleming Campsites

Faculty might have been just a bit too busy to be blogging last week, what with classes starting, and students arriving, and all.

But now that Week 1 is under your belt, take some time to reflect on it with this week’s writing prompt: What worked and what didn’t work in your classes this week?

It’s a simple prompt, but we’re confident that it can generate a lot of conversation, so join in, use the hashtag #FlemingCampsites, and tweet it out to the Fleming community!

If you’d like help setting up your blog and/or Twitter account, email us at and we’ll be happy to help. We’re looking forward to reading all about your first week!


LadyReadingSilhouette-300px Read It And Tweet

This week we can read and explore by checking out Google’s Art and Culture Platform. Alana is taking a course that is offered through OCAD and the AGO, in which this platform was provided as an example of how technology can help others experience museums and cultures from around the world. Alana will be using this resource for her research project this semester for when she can’t access the AGO in person. What are your thoughts on using technology to increase access?


Tweet as you go using #RIATFleming hashtag. Those tweets will appear on the right of this page and we will also re-tweet them. See you there!



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The Teaching Hub: Week 1, Fall 2017

Fallweek2THUBGerald-G-Fast-Food-Drinks-FF-Menu-8-300px Engaging Teaching

As we noted in last week’s Hub post, our Engaging Teaching section will feature a relevant patch from our Open Faculty Patchbook each week. This week, we’re highlighting a powerful tag-team from our own faculty ranks: Joanna Hodge and Laura Gibson, who wrote “We Have to Go Deeper.”

If this patch inspires you to try something new in your class, or to write a “patch” of your own, let us know! Or, you can blog about it on your very own #FlemingCampsite (see the Campsites section below), and then let us know.

vhs-2400px Learning Technology

Non-D2L Things of the Week: Emailing from your Class Roster

class roster

Curious about how you should email your students? The easiest way to communicate with your students is by using the Class Roster in Faculty Centre to email them (and to see their photos once they are uploaded after week 3). By emailing your students using the Class Roster, their email addresses are put into the BCC line of the message AND a copy of the email will be sent to your college email account. You are able to include attachments to messages sent through the class roster as well. More information and instructions on how to use the Class Roster tool can be found here (Note: the link will download a Word file).

D2L Things of the Week: Course Copy/Linking Your Outline/etc.

  1. Copy course content into your Winter 2017 course shells (instructions).
    If you are not able to copy content into your course, you can request the content to be rolled over by emailing Alana Callan.
  1. Add the link to the approved course outline (instructions).
  1. Edit and/or update course materials, including release dates for content and assessments (instructions).
  2. Add a welcome message via the News tool to your course page (instructions: Go to item #5 for how to use the news tool in your courses).
  3. Create attendance records (instructions).

lifebelt-juliane-krug-01.pngCollege Departments

Advising Logo

Academic Advising

The Fleming Academic Advising Team pops up (so don’t be scared!) at various points in the academic year to offer academic advice and information to students, designed to support their success at Fleming.

Check out the “Services for Students” section below to see their website.

imagebot2Policies & Procedures

Class Absence Procedure

Known colloquially as the Double-Two-Oh-Five (not really), Fleming College’s Class Absence Procedure (2-205) is found here. It still has that new policy smell as it was approved in January of this year. Upon review of the policy, you will realize that we here at Fleming understand that sometimes absences need to happen, whether planned or unplanned, and we will do what we can to make the best of it. Even retroactively. Check out the decision tree at the bottom of the policy for a roller coaster of emotion.

speech-bubble-2400pxServices for Students

The Academic & Student Advising website is a great resource to which you can refer your students. It has tabs to guide them (and you!) through academic issues resolution, class absences, D2L, and various student resources. It even has a tab specifically designed to help first-year students. Check it out. You might even learn something new for yourself!


fire-line-art-Anonymous-fire-300px Fleming Campsites

Last week, we suggested a writing prompt for faculty members to respond to on their blogs. And Helen Bajorek-MacDonald, General Arts & Science faculty, answered the call, with “Thinkpiecing”:


You can see links to Helen’s, and other #FlemingCampSites posts in the sidebar of this page. Have a look and think about getting yourself one, too. If you’d like help with that, email us at

This week’s prompt (which is strikingly similar to last week’s prompt): What are you most excited about in your teaching and learning plans for the fall?

LadyReadingSilhouette-300px Read It And Tweet

This week, let’s read: Practice What You Teach: UDL and (aiming for) Communies of Practice in Adult Education from Bonnie Stewart from the University of Prince Edward Island. UPEI and Holland College (PEI’s community college) do a lot of cross-institution professional learning.


Tweet as you go using #RIATFleming hashtag. Those tweets will appear on the right of this page and we will also re-tweet them. See you there!


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The Teaching Hub: Week Zero, Fall 2017

teacherhubF17W1Gerald-G-Fast-Food-Drinks-FF-Menu-8-300px Engaging Teaching

Each week we’ll feature some writing about teaching. Let’s start with this one. It was written by Jodie Black and Terry Greene for our collaborative textbook on pedagogy, The Open Faculty Patchbook. It says things about embedding Universal Design for Learning principles into your teaching.

We’re Only Making Plans For Learning


vhs-2400px Learning Technology

D2L Thing of the Week

If you don’t know how to work that D2L thing, we used D2L itself to show you how in a two-part series: Faculty D2L Levels 1 and 2. Self-enroll for it on D2L, in the Help & Information Widget (yellow header, right-hand side, scroll ⇓).

Non-D2L Thing of the Week

Let’s start with a simple tool that can really, really help us connect and learn with each other: sign up for Twitter and follow the following: @FlemingLDS, @alanacallan, @greeneterry, @jened101, @mary_overholt, @blackjodie32 and then we’ll follow you back, and then we’ll all share thoughts and ideas that we have and find. See you there!

 lifebelt-juliane-krug-01.pngCollege Departments

Fleming College doesn’t just provide its students with people to teach them about the thing they want to become. Oh no, no, no. We also provide a whole suite of supports for those students and faculty members. These things are known as college departments. We here in the college department section of the Teaching Hub believe that it behooves you to know what these various heroes do for you and the students. Each week one department will be the featured team of unsung heros and we will tell you about their exploits. But to start, here are some silly 60-second videos about a few of the departments: Gone in 60 Seconds – Fleming Department Intro Videos.

imagebot2Policies & Procedures

Apparently playing fast & loose and “just givin’ ‘er” are not acceptably robust policies or procedures for running an institute of higher education. That’s why, when you look at the resources tab in the Fleming Portal, you’ll see a whole section listing a whack of policies. You could read them all right now if you have some kind of time-pausing device. Or, you could come back to this section each week, and we will feature and distill the most timely policy of the week. Next week, we’ll dig in to the Class Absence Operating Procedure.

speech-bubble-2400pxServices for Students

Remember trickle-down economics? That worked well, right? Anyway we’re trying a similar strategy here in which we tell you something about something for the students and hope you might mention it to some of them.

Next week there will be a bunch of students showing up here at the college. They are a very important part of the college experience. They are so important to us here that many events and supports have been put in place to make sure they have a great start. These events have been dubbed Student Orientation. And what are the details of these events, you may ask? Well, here they are, we may answer.

fire-line-art-Anonymous-fire-300px Fleming Campsites

Last spring, a number of faculty members here got themselves all set up with their own WordPress domain in order to openly share some of their thoughts and plans for teaching. We called these sites #FlemingCampSites because, well, we’re up here in the woods of Ontario and a campsite is a great place to sit around, chat, and share your experience.

You can see links to these #FlemingCampSites posts in the sidebar of this page. Have a look and think about getting yourself one, too. If you’d like help with that, email us at

Now we need to drum up some posts for the #FlemingCampSites feed by giving you something to write about. We’ll suggest a writing prompt each week here.

This week’s prompt: What are you most excited about in your teaching and learning plans for the fall?

LadyReadingSilhouette-300px Read It And Tweet

Join us in reading something together every week. Something short and sweet and oh-so-pedagogical. Oh, and tweet your thoughts about it as you go! As an example, last January a group of educators joined together to read an article about Open Education called “Fifty Shades of Open” and then tweeted their thoughts together.

We can do it, too! This week, let’s read Critical Digital Pedagogy: A Definition By Jesse Stommel, Executive Director of the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies at University of Mary Washington and share our thoughts. Tweet as you go to: @RIATFleming and #RIATFleming. Those tweets will appear on the right of this page and we will also re-tweet them. See you there!


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The Teaching Hub: Week Seven, Spring 2017

teacherhub17s7It’s the Your Turn Edition! Every section will include a Padlet in which you can type your ideas. Just double click in the ‘padlet’ areas and type your thoughts. Your ideas will help us formulate what we cover in future Teaching Hubs!

Gerald-G-Fast-Food-Drinks-FF-Menu-8-300px Engaging Teaching

Made with Padlet

aurium-Laptop-in-Line-Art-300pxLearning Technology

Made with Padlet

johnny-automatic-file-cabnet-drawers-300px College Departments

Made with Padlet

Ruler-300px Policies & Procedures

Made with Padlet

Transmission-tower-by-Rones-300px Services for Students

Made with Padlet

carrito-de-la-compra-300pxProfessional Development

Made with Padlet

Chattering-teeth-300px Chatter

Made with Padlet



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The Teaching Hub: Week Six, Spring 2017

teacherhub17s6Gerald-G-Fast-Food-Drinks-FF-Menu-8-300px Engaging Teaching

As faculty members at Fleming College, you may soon be handing your Spring 2017 course to another instructor while you go on your well-deserved summer break. Before you head off into the sunset, one thing to consider is how you might best hand the course off to your colleague so that it is not like this:

At Fleming, we call this the F72B7HO (Front Seven to Back Seven Hand Off). Actually no. No one has ever called it that. Until now.

It’s now the beginning of week 6. You have two weeks until it’s time to F72B7HO. We have a couple of suggestions throughout this post, but we don’t know the best hand-over routine out there. So please, tell us how you do it. Leave a comment at the bottom of this post to give your peers some ideas for a happy hand-off.

**FYI, the idea for the hand-off edition is brought to you by Tom Jenkins, a.k.a. DJ Jenky Jenks.**

aurium-Laptop-in-Line-Art-300px Learning Technology

D2L Thing of the Week: Discussion Tool


The discussion tool in D2L is a great way to set up reflective practice and to allow students a place to continue thinking about your course outside of face to face class times.

So, to help the new instructor, how about trying this? Post a discussion for your students to share their thoughts on the course so far.

“Tell [Back 7 Instructor] about the first half of the course and what you hope for the remainder of the semester.”

This could help the B7 Instructor join the course community in a nice, smooth, and flowing manner. Nice move, Front 7 instructor!

Want to learn more about how to set up and use the Discussion tool in D2L? Check out our handy dandy tip sheet!

Non-D2l Tool of the Week: Communication Tools

A quick Google search provides 612 000 000 results for Communication Tools in 0.81 seconds. You can use one of those to keep a channel of communication open to the Back 7 instructor. Not necessarily for regular communication, but maybe just in case there’s something that comes up that only you can help to fix. Let us know how you plan to keep F72B7 communication channels open in the comments section below.

Ruler-300px Policies & Procedures

As part of your F72B7HO you may want to let the Back 7 Instructor (if they are new to Fleming) know about the Academic Regulations, which outline many of the important rules we need to follow as teachers and learners at Fleming College.

johnny-automatic-file-cabnet-drawers-300px College Departments

Department: Convocation

While not technically a department, Convocation at Fleming takes the expertise and efforts of employees from a wide range of departments, across all campuses… with too many people deserving of thanks to list here. Convocation is an important celebration for our graduates and their families and friends.  Special thanks are owed to everyone who helps to make this celebration run so smoothly, and creating special memories for all involved! See one of those memories below.

Transmission-tower-by-Rones-300px Service for Students

Convocation! Some students may possibly sort of look forward to this event. But much, MUCH more importantly, many staff members really look forward to this time. Why? Because they get to drive awesome golf carts and chat with grads! At the Sutherland campus convocations, the ceremony is held up at the Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre. It’s a bit of a walk from the parking lot, so the college provides shuttles via these awesome golf carts. Fleming staff members covet this opportunity, even when it’s in the pouring rain. Congratulations to all the grads!

Jodie Black, whose normal day job is as a Pedagogical Whisperer, doesn’t like it when other cart drivers try to take her customers

carrito-de-la-compra-300px Professional Development

There is an educational technology conference called Domains 17: Indie Ed-Tech and Other Curiosities. This conference would be of interest to us in the LDS Team, and many faculty and students at Fleming, as we move toward more open learning. But there are a couple of barriers to attending this conference:

  1. It is in Oklahoma City.
  2. It happened last week.

Is that going to stop us from getting something out of this conference? No! Because of the wonderful people of Virtually Connecting, there were sessions run in which people at the conference, including the keynote speaker, chatted with those who could not make it in person. And they were recorded! All of the recordings can be found on the Domains 17 Virtually Connecting blog post here.

For a quick look, the video of the first session is below. It was hosted by local terrible host Terry Greene who does a really bad job of introducing the whole thing. But the session in which they roam around the Domains Fair is great, nonetheless.


Chattering-teeth-300px Chatter

The Open Faculty Patchbook is now up to 14 Patches! Here is the world leader board:

  • Fleming College: 9 Patches
  • Rest of the World: 5 Patches

The rest of the world is catching up! Two new patches came in in the last week from non-Fleming folks!

  1. Maha Bali from The American University in Cairo shared a patch she wrote with two of her colleagues called What We Learned From Co-Teaching
  2. Kisha Tracy from Fitchburgh State University in Massachusets shared her patch called Excuse Me. Why Is This Important?

Let us know if you want to get patchy with us, so we can maintain a healthy lead on the world.

1488160614-300px Information

Visit the LDS Team website, give us a call at extension 1216, follow us on Twitter @FlemingLDS, or send us an email:!

The Teaching Hub: Week Five, Spring 2017


Rear View Part Two: Reflect Harder

Gerald-G-Fast-Food-Drinks-FF-Menu-8-300px Engaging Teaching

This is the section where we check out our reflection in the rear view mirror… no wait. We take time to reflect on some more of the Professional Learning road trips that Fleming folks have been on this spring.

This week we are featuring the stories from our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Workshops for our Faculty Pilot group and Lambton College’s Mobile Summit @ Centennial College.

Hope you enjoy the look back and get some ideas about what you’d like to try next as you move forward!!

Day One of the  BYOD Workshop (look at all of that Technology  on the table)

aurium-Laptop-in-Line-Art-300px Learning Technology

D2L Thing of the Week: The Group ToolCapture.PNG

You can create group work areas for users with the Groups tool. You can use groups to organize student group work on projects and assignments. Groups can have their own group dropbox, group discussion board, and a hilariously small locker (1MB of storage space). Here are some ways Fleming faculty have used this tool:

  • Pick a time for an event/meeting;
  • Pick a presentation topic for class;
  • Pick a research topic for an assignment; and
  • Randomly generate groups.

To find out more about setting up Groups in D2L, check out this tip sheet.

Non-D2l Tool of the Week: Google Slides

Here’s a good reason to think of switching from PowerPoint to Google Slides:

“Anyone with the link can comment” ~ Google Slides


So once you have made your googly slides (or have collaboratively made them with a co-teacher or, heck, why not even with your students?) you can provide the “can comment” link to your students. Now they can pop questions and comments exactly where they have their questions or comments. Maybe they don’t quite get something, or they have some pertinent examples to share. Either way, the slides are enriched by the interaction. BOO YEAH!

Ruler-300px Policies & Procedures


The college that is named after this guy ↑ has been serious about Student Rights and Responsibilities for 50 years now.

Under the current iteration of the policy, the college is committed to providing “a climate of understanding and mutual respect for individual dignity and worth, in which each person has the opportunity to develop as an individual and contribute positively to the College Community.” (policy 5-506 SRR)

And the student is expected to “conduct themselves as responsible members of the College Community.” (policy 5-506 SRR)

Visit the Student Rights and Responsibilities site to learn about rights & responsibilities, complaints, and appeals processes.

johnny-automatic-file-cabnet-drawers-300px College Departmentssltabgif.gif

Do you like these pretty icons that lead to all the various student services? Do you want to see all of them in their natural habitat and find out what information they may lead to? Then take yourself to the Student Life tab on The Fleming Portal. And tell your students about it, too. It’s all for them, after all!

Transmission-tower-by-Rones-300px Service for Students


To everyone in the world’s delight, the nickname for the Fleming College Student Hub, THE SHUB, is taking off and being accepted as awesome. Please take note of where you were when you learned this so that you can tell the people of the future your #SHUB origin story. Also, look for the newest issue of The Shub on June 9th.

Also, please join us in stealing their thunder and start calling the Teaching hub THE THUB.

carrito-de-la-compra-300px Professional Development

Hmmm. What have I learned lately?

Lately we’ve been collecting a bunch of reflections on various professional learning events Fleming folks have been lucky enough to participate in. The Engaging Teaching Section from this week and last week has shared a whole bunch of them. We know there are more reflections out there, though, and we want them!

Reflecting on what you’re doing is a great way to take what you learned, squish it more deeply into your brain, and make plans for how to use it. So, with that in mind, we would love, love, love it if you felt like sharing some of your reflections with us! Send us an email to let us know and we promise to edit out your swear words and share it in a future THUB.

Chattering-teeth-300px Chatter

Two things to Chatter about this week:

  • Last week, in the Non-D2L Tool of the Week section, we featured Nearpod. Guess what? People love it! Sara Slater and Amanda Rochon have played around with it and have big plans for its use. Check it out.
  • The “Pertnear”: The latest patch of The Patchbook, by Tom Mikel from Urban Forestry and Arboriculture. Check it out. We think you’ll pertnear love it.

1488160614-300px Information

Visit the LDS Team website, give us a call at extension 1216, follow us on Twitter @FlemingLDS, or send us an email:!

image credit: “My puppy loves to look in the mirror” flickr photo by claudiadea131 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

The Teaching Hub: Week Four, Spring 2017

teacherhub17s4Our theme this week is looking in the rear view mirror. Mirrors are good at reflecting. It’s really all that they do. We could learn a thing or two from mirrors. Well, just that one thing actually. This week, we do a lot of reflecting.

Gerald-G-Fast-Food-Drinks-FF-Menu-8-300px Engaging Teaching


It’s the time of year that many of us are able to squeeze in some real juicy professional development and learn some more about teaching and learning. So below you’ll find a whole bunch of reflecting.

First off, the college sponsored 20 or so faculty members to attend a creativity workshop put on by the International Center for Studies in Creativity from SUNY Buffalo. Those lucky ducks reflect here.

Secondly, Mohawk College, along with the Educational Technology Committee, held the Advancing Learning Conference. Five people from Fleming attended (and delivered 3 presentations as well). Attendees of the conference ponder their experience here.

Thirdly, Jennifer Ramsdale attended the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education in Banff, Alberta. See her reflectJenns here.

aurium-Laptop-in-Line-Art-300px Learning Technology

D2L Tool of the Week: Content

2clicks.gifThe meat & potatoes of D2L is the content area. All the stuff should be there: PowerPoints, html files, readings, videos, dropboxes, quizzes, & discussion boards. Here are some instructions for making best use of this digital landscape.

Did you know you can get to content in just 2 clicks upon entering D2L? This is very exciting news for those of us who are frugal with our clicking. Here’s how: 1) click course name. 2) Click “Content Browser” in the widget header.

 Non-d2l Tool of the Week: Nearpod

You are probably asking yourself what the heck is Nearpod? Do you have 2 1/2 minutes?

Alana recently took part in some Professional Learning sessions where Nearpod was used in BYOD (Bring your own device) programs and courses.  In BYOD courses, students are encouraged to engage with their own devices throughout the active learning ‘lecture’ or seminar. Find more information on Nearpod and how it works by clicking here.

Ruler-300px Policies & Proceduresdroptheneedle

You can drop the needle any time you want, but dropping courses requires a little timeliness. So here is a date for students to consider:

  • June 9th, 2017

This is the final date to withdraw from courses & receive a “W” instead of an “F” designation on your Academic Record. In summary, if completing a course is not an option right now, “W” = good, “F” = bad.

There are also lots of other important dates in the Academic Schedule.

johnny-automatic-file-cabnet-drawers-300px College Departments

The Office of Sustainability website contains lots of information about all of the work that this department does. One tidbit that you may see is that there is an upcoming event exploring the convergence of sustainability and Indigenous knowledge in applying teaching and learning strategies for a sustainable future. This day-long workshop will take place on June 15, from 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. For more information, and to register, please click here

Transmission-tower-by-Rones-300px Service for Students

DSC_6579.jpgTo be completely honest, we were so busy collecting all our reflections this week that we didn’t have time to zone in on a great and timely thing happening for students this week. Is it Fleming Rideshare? Is it The Student Hub? Is it an exciting student club or event? Who knows? JOEL DOES. Please call Joel Willett, President of the Fleming College Student Administrative Council at ext. 1568 to ask him what exciting things the students are up to this week. Tell him that Jodie told you to call him.

carrito-de-la-compra-300px Professional Development

What’s all the buzz about BYOD? What, you haven’t felt it yet?

This spring, 20 faculty are taking part in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Pilot. They either brought their own devices AND/OR they were given a Surface Pro Tablet (which is more like a powerful laptop) and have been working together to gain an understanding of how to intentionally integrate technology into their courses and classrooms.

We had 2 full day workshop sessions on May 12 and May 19, Workshop details can be found here. During the workshop days we talked about Universal Design for Learning and how to integrate technology with the learning outcomes and the learner in mind. We experimented with individual and group activities that required them to use their devices to create and contribute their newly developing digital skills

At the beginning of the second day, the group agreed that they wanted to keep meeting (on Fridays) for the rest of the Spring development time. I think that is a good sign that folks are feeling both engaged and committed to their own learning;  with each other AND for their learners.

Chattering-teeth-300px Chatter

The Open Faculty Patchbook is a thing that we’ve started that will ultimately (we hope) become a ‘how to teach’ open textbook for helping faculty new and old to pick up new teaching skills. If you haven’t checked in a while, or haven’t heard about it, check out the site to see some new and awesome patches, including this one by Maha Bali and Azzah Awwad  from all the way over in Cairo, Egypt!

1488160614-300px Information

Visit the LDS Team website, give us a call at extension 1216, follow us on Twitter @FlemingLDS, or send us an email:!

Photo credit “Reflecting” flickr photo by hedera.baltica shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

The Teaching Hub: Week Three Spring 2017

Week 3 Spring 2017 Edition

Last week, the LDS Team was literally spread all over this great country of ours… Jenn was in Alberta, and the rest of us were spread out between Rice Lake and Lake Ontario,  running workshops, presenting, and learning…

Gerald-G-Fast-Food-Drinks-FF-Menu-8-300px Engaging Teaching

Photo Credit

If you’re looking for a template to help self-assess learning outcomes, try this Scoring Guide to Assess the Quality of Intended Outcome Statements from the awesome Ruth Stiehl, author of The OUTCOME Primer: Envisioning Learning Outcomes. Last week, Katrina Van Osch-Saxon, faculty member from SENRS, gave it a whirl and she said: “I have read a few learning outcomes and thought “Huh, what does that even mean?” So after creating new L.O.s for my course, I used the Scoring Guide (passed along by the pedagogical whisperer) and I think EVERYONE should have this and use it!  I like easy, and the Scoring Guide made it simple to evaluate all of the new outcomes I created for my course.  It makes you really think about what you are teaching, and what the expectations are for the students, which is the point, right?!”

aurium-Laptop-in-Line-Art-300px Learning Technology

D2L Thing of the Week: Grades

DON'T GO.png

Nothing is more satisfying in life than making this annoying note go away from your D2L grade book. That’s because it means you’ve created a happy grade book. If D2L were a Super Mario game, that note would be the Bowser at the end of the level. You have to jump on its head three times to make it go away. Here are the instructions for defeating the D2L Bowser (starting on Page 4). Let us know if you need help. We’ll be Luigi to your Mario.

Faculty D2L Level Two is now available…

d2llevel2In this mastery-level course you will:

  1. Spend time thinking and learning about new ways to create and present content in your course pages;
  2. Learn and try out the new Virtual Classroom tool and other communication tools; and
  3. Learn about rubrics, and badges, and awards… oh my!

You can self-register for Level TWO on D2L, in the Help and Information Widget (yellow-header, right-hand side, scroll ⇓).


Ruler-300px Policies and Procedures

Academic Integrity – What do you do if you find evidence of cheating or plagiarism in your classroom?

Photo Credit

Academic integrity in teaching, learning, and research is fundamental to a learning organization. There is an expectation that all faculty, staff, and students adhere to a high standard and that violations (such as cheating and plagiarism) should have serious consequences, but how do we evaluate academic integrity?

Currently, breaches of Academic Integrity at Fleming College are based on a four-strikes-and-you’re-out policy. Breaches of academic integrity are reported by faculty, in writing, to the Registrar. The details are contained in the Academic Regulations Policy 2-201. A new policy is currently in the works and we will update you when that policy is implemented.

johnny-automatic-file-cabnet-drawers-300px College Departments

The Tutoring & Academic Skills Centre: An Origin Story

Many years ago (2 or 3 to be exact), there was a Fleming College department known as Learning Support Services, and then it became The Learning Centre. Eventually, we all realized that we use the word “learning” too much around here. So much so, that it got watered down and no one knows what any of it really means. I mean, like, we’re all learning here, right? It’s a school! We all learned a lesson from that (except for the Learning Design & Support Team; they didn’t get the memo).

Amid all of this drama, was a group of people helping students directly with what they really need. They are the unsung heroes of the college. And now they have a name to suit their hero status: the Tutoring & Academic Skills Centre (If we want, they can be colloquially known as the T.A.S.C. Force). Check out one of our heroes describe their services, and here is the T.A.S.C Force website.

See the Services for Students section next for more information on what they do for students and how you can refer students to them.

Transmission-tower-by-Rones-300px Services for Students

Tutoring. One-on-one or small group help in an area in which the student needs help. A service for students doesn’t get much better than that. But wait, there’s more!

  • It’s free (Michael does accept bribes, though);
  • It’s for everybody;
  • There are one-on-one, or small-group sessions;
  • Drop-in sessions occur for Math, Writing, Test Prep & Success Strategies; and
  • There is additional support for students registered with Accessible Education Services.

So, should your students maybe know about this service? Ummmm, yeah!

  • Your students can book an appointment for a tutor online here.
  • Or, students may be able to become a tutor themselves here.

In summary, if you tell your students about the T.A.S.C. Force, they will probably think you are a super cool teacher who cares about their success in your course.

carrito-de-la-compra-300pxProfessional Development

As mentioned above, most of our LDS Team was away at conferences last week. Terry and Alana attended the Advancing Learning Conference.

On the first day of the conference, Terry co-presented with Dennis Vanderspek on the COMM 201 and COMM 202 redesign and their shift to being more open by including blogging as a major focus of student learning. If you are curious about the resources were shared in this presentation, here is the resource Terry created. Terry finished off the conference by sharing and showcasing the Faculty Patchbook; he even engaged a few new contributors to the open textbook project: Yay, Terry! Here is the slide deck Terry created for his presentation.

Alana attended the conference on Thursday (Day 2) and shared the story of this blog. Her session was entitled, Just in Time Learning, a brief history of a faculty development blog; you can check out her slide deck here.

We’ll feature where our other team members were and what they shared and learned next week..

So, how was your week?

1488160614-300px More Information

Looking for more information? Visit the LDS Team website, give us a call at extension 1216, follow us on Twitter @FlemingLDS, or send us an email:

The Teaching Hub: Week Two Spring 2017


Breaking news! Play the 4 second clip for mood setting sound effect and then check out the tweet below it. Fleming College president Tony Tilly has added to the Open Faculty Patchbook with ‘The OverPatch: Learning in a Cohort” which takes a big picture view of college instruction.

It’s week two, so we’re in the thick of our teaching and developing now! We hope the stuff below helps. 

Gerald-G-Fast-Food-Drinks-FF-Menu-8-300px Engaging Teaching

…So Whatcha Thinkin’ ‘Bout?

Eliciting & Interpreting Individual Student’s Thinking: Some Simple Strategies and Techniques

So… whatcha thinking about?
  • The simplest way to do this effectively is to match the learning goals to your questions, prompts, and activities. For example, “Explain the process of photosynthesis in your own words.” or, “Select a series of home care exercises and perform them in a therapeutic sequence.”

Compare the students’ ideas and work to identify patterns and relationships.

  • A comparison can help to highlight patterns and critical ideas as well as increase interaction in your class. For example, “Do you agree with Doug on this point?” or, “How does Daisy’s comment relate to what we studied last week?”

Use the students’ previous work and thinking to evaluate their progress.

  • As you work with your students, you will begin to build a picture of their mind, personality, and learning that will help you to tailor your instruction to their individual needs. For example, “Would you be willing to explain how today’s reading has affected your answer?”

Use a tone of voice and approach that helps you to connect with and support students.

  • It is important to minimize the threat of being wrong and take the negativity out of making mistakes by highlighting what is right and how useful mistakes are for the learning process.

Do you have any tips for learning about what your students are thinking? Let us know in the comments below!

“Happiness is a warm puppy” flickr photo by docoverachiever shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

aurium-Laptop-in-Line-Art-300px Learning Technology

Thing of the Week: Unsplash

One of the pics from Unsplash. It’s purdy.

Want your slides to look dressed up nicely like we think the ones we used at our Teaching & Learning Day were? Try Unsplash, a source for free, unlicensed (literally, they say you can “do whatever you want with them”), and beautiful photos that you can use, guilt-free, as slide backgrounds. Many of the photos here are the unused images from professional photo-shoots that were then openly licenced to Creative Commons. You don’t have to, but you could still link back to the source, to be cool about it and everything. You can also submit your own photos to the site to keep the sharing going.

Ruler-300px Policies & Procedures

Believe it or not, Fleming has a Policy about Awards. We’re not asking you to actually read that policy, but are simply using it as an excuse to congratulate the recently-announced award winners from the Academic Division under this Teaching Hub heading:

The Charles E. Pascal Award for Excellence in Teaching

Winner: Katrina Van Osch-Saxon

This is like the Best Movie Oscar of Fleming awards. Katrina is a faculty member and coordinator in the forestry cluster of programs at the Frost Campus. She is the founder and driving force behind “Women in Trees” (and also a published Patchbook author).

The Vice-President Academic’s Contract Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching

Winner: D’Arcy McKittrick

D’Arcy develops and delivers project management courses in the School of Business and played an integral role in designing and launching the current Applied Project student experience, a primary point of differentiation for Fleming’s Project Management program.

The Leadership Award

Winner: Sandra Dupret

Dean/Principal, Haliburton School of Art + Design & Dean of General Arts & Science. She’s good at that leadership thing. Real good.

**The Way Awesome Award**

Winner: The Learning Design & Support Team

**This is not a real award at all. It is fake news propagated by Facebook profiteers and Internet trolls.**

Congratulations; these awards are well deserved! (except for the last one. Thumbs down to that one).

carrito-de-la-compra-300pxProfessional Development

blog_image_coverCast your minds forward to late August 2017. Fleming College has hired a fresh new batch of faculty members to come on in and start teaching alongside us. Full-time, part-time, contract faculty. All of them looking for support in their future teaching. Picture them meeting for a how-to-teach bootcamp. Picture us handing those fresh new faces a manual created by all of us, for all of us on how we go about our teaching. Picture your own work being included in and enhancing the heck out of that manual.

It’s not too late to add a “patch” to the The Open Faculty Patchbook and help those newbies get off to a flying start. Let us know if you’d like to patch it up: And check out our latest patches below in the Chatter section.

Chattering-teeth-300px Chatter

Along with the aforementioned presidential patch, patches 3,4, & 5 have been released to the wild!

1488160614-300px More Information

Looking for more information? Visit the LDS Team website, give us a call at extension 1216, follow us on Twitter @FlemingLDS, or send us an email:

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