Advanced Reflections

Advancing Learning 2017

Click the picture to see some more images from the conference. When Tyler returns from his V.R. voyage, maybe he will offer his reflections, too.


Conference attendees were asked to answer these three questions:

  • What was your favorite takeaway from the conference?
  • What is one thing you learned that you plan to use in your teaching?
  • What was your favorite tidbit of information?

Here’s what they had to say:

Andrea Mowry. Andrea teaches Nursing in the Practical Nursing Program

I truly enjoyed all of the conference!  The keynote speakers were impressive and the workshops I attended all offered great ideas that I hope to utilize 🙂

My favourite takeaway from the conference was the value of using social media mobile apps for group work in order to capitalize on opportunities to teach and assess during the realtime conversation.

One thing I learned and plan to use in my teaching is the use of WordPress to build an ePortfolio for Practical Nursing Students. This was first introduced in a Communications Course by Fleming’s Dennis Vanderspek and is a logical extension of its use.

My favourite tidbit was how “you too can create animated videos” to simulate real life experiences in education at a reasonable cost.

Jesse Pudwell, Coordinator of the Customs Border Services (CBS) diploma program

The workshops I followed were mostly focused on the updated or newer technology that I’ve been curious about. They were:

  • 360/VR Tech  and how it can be applied to non-media programs
  • Virtual Reality In Education
  • Transforming Traditional Assessment to an On-Line Environment
  • Using Creative Course Design to Increase Student Engagement
  • Just-in-time-learning

My Favourite Takeaway was as a result of workshop #1 and how developing 360 Virtual Reality isn’t always about the student having to wear expensive viewing-glasses, or viewing glasses at all, to be presented with a VR show that accurately demonstrates a course theme or teaching segment.

One thing I intend to do is to go after our in-house ‘media’ experts and collaborate with them to prepare virtual reality (not AR) segments that I can use in various aspects of my enforcement courses.

My Favourite Tidbit was from workshop #4 where I learned more about the variety D2L has to offer. I must also admit though that I also enjoyed the closing keynoter speaker, Andy Masters, and his segment on using humour in the classroom.

Terry Greene: Learning Technology Specialist

My favorite takeaway is The Learning Portal: a great collection of tools a group of college libraries has put together.

In her session, Dina Moati offered about 5 million things that I’d like to use. Her topic was Cultivating a Human Learning Experience in an online learning environment.


My favorite tidbit from the conference was that the very first live streamed video on the Internet, in 1993, used up half of all of the Internet’s bandwidth. All for a cover band called Severe Tire Damage. This tidbit was brought to us by Sheena Snively, who teaches digital media something something to Dual Credit students at Mohawk. She is also on CBC and a bunch of other stuff! See her Twitter here.


BONUS: links to all the slides from the sessions that Fleming College faculty and staff delivered:

Just in Time Learning: A Brief History of a Faculty Development Blog (which is this blog itself!) by Alana Callan

Getting to Open by Terry Greene and Dennis Vanderspek

The Open Faculty Patchbook by Terry Greene

photo credit “where’s the purple table” flickr photo by greenetrry shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license