Week 15, Fall 2017

Teaching Hub Week 15

We know that Week 15 is no longer the end of this Fall Semester, and there’s still lots to be done before anyone takes a break; so, here’s a little inspiration from Dory:

Gerald-G-Fast-Food-Drinks-FF-Menu-8-300px Engaging Teaching

“Roaming around the known” is a phrase used in Reading Recovery to describe the practice of accessing this valued history and scaffolding it into fruitful and novel teaching and learning opportunities. ~Ryan Hill


Our highlighted patch this week is Roam if You Want To by Ryan Hill, a technologist in Fleming’s Salmon ID Hatchery, Aquaculture Program, and Fish & Wildlife Program. Ryan’s patch includes great advice about the benefits of accessing students’ prior knowledge, as well as some clever water wordplay. Give it a read (it’s a nice, short one; no tl;dr required!), and let us know what you think: @FlemingLDS on Twitter.

Interested in creating a patch of your own? Contact us: LDSTeam@flemingcollege.ca.


vhs-2400px Learning Technology

D2L Thing of the Week: Quiz Tool


We’ve had a few requests from faculty since returning regarding using the Quiz tool in D2L to set up and/or modify quizzes. If you’re looking to make changes to your quizzes and can’t quite remember how you set them up way back in the fall, you can access our handy-dandy tip sheets.
You can also give us a call (ext. 1216),
email us, or stop in to see us. We’d be glad to help!

Non-D2L Thing of the Week: Visual Course Outlines

This probably isn’t the semester to get all fancy with your course outlines, but for future reference, here’s an idea that we think is pretty cool:

Have you tried anything special to make your course overview documents more helpful or visually appealing for students? Let us know; we’d love to share Fleming examples to inspire others!


lifebelt-juliane-krug-01.pngCollege Departments

Academic Council

Like many other Fleming committees and working groups, Academic Council is on hiatus until January. Interested in catching up on the great work this group has done over the past year? Check out the Academic Council website for information on membership, meeting dates, and current projects and working groups.


imagebot2Policies & Procedures

Academic Regs No More!

Fleming’s Academic Regulations are becoming extinct. In their place are a series of newly revised policies and procedures, including these three, which came into effect on September 1st:

These, and all other college policies, are available on the HR Website, as well as through the Resources tab on the myCampus portal.


speech-bubble-2400pxServices for Students

Fleming Rideshare

Fleming Student Administrative Council has introduced Fleming Rideshare, a quick, secure, and personal way to find all your commuting options. Using your home and work addresses, you can find a carpool, transit, cycling, or walking pool that matches your commute. You can search for nearby commuters looking for carpool, biking, or walking partners. This Rideshare Portal is a powerful and convenient way to track all of your commuting activity, and it’s free to join. For more information, check out this promotional video, starring a few familiar faces:


LadyReadingSilhouette-300px Ontario Extend

Thankfully, Ontario Extend’s “Daily Extends” have taken a little hiatus to give us all a chance to catch up! Check out the last entry in their challenges, and tweet your response with #oext102 and #FlemingLDS:



Visit the LDS Team Website, give us a call at extension 1216, follow us on Twitter, or send us an email!


3 thoughts on “Week 15, Fall 2017

  1. I LOVE the visual course outline. Any ideas on how to create one? Every time I try my hand at infographics I just suck at it, and they take so much time. Tips (and links to good infographic freeware) would be much appreciated.


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