Week 5 Fall 2017

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Gerald-G-Fast-Food-Drinks-FF-Menu-8-300px Engaging Teaching

Patch.PNGThis week’s featured “patch” comes from our own Mary Overholt, and is entitled “Check, Check 1-2: Checking in with Students”. It gives you some ideas for how to gauge students’ understanding, without resorting to tactics that might, well, age you in an unpleasant way.

Check it out, and let us know your thoughts, and/or any tips you’d like to add. Blog with #FlemingCampsites as a hashtag, and/or tweet us: #FlemingLDS.

Did you know?: You, too, can write your very own “patch” for The Open Faculty Patchbook. Contact the LDS Team for more information.

vhs-2400px Learning Technology

D2L Thing of the Week: Class Progress


The Class Progress tool helps track student progress in a course by measuring their completion of 9 different progress indicators. Instructors can use Class Progress to track their students’ overall progress, and prepare progress reports, while students can use Class Progress to keep track of all of their course-specific assignments and feedback.
If you want to learn more about the class progress tool in D2L, click here.

Non-D2L Thing of the Week: Sli.do

Want students to come up with the questions for a review class? Want to do it ahead of time? Let them vote on the best questions? And then use them live in class?

You may want to try Sli.do


lifebelt-juliane-krug-01.pngCollege Departments

 Accessible Education Services

Accessible Education Services has gone digital! Now with Accessible Education Online Services you can approve student bookings for accommodated testing services online. Bon voyage, green sheets! The team is still doing the great work of accommodation and service planning for students with disabilities, and you can learn more on their team website.


imagebot2Policies & Procedures

Course Withdrawal Date / Student Check-Ins

According to the Academic Schedule, this Friday, October 6th is the final date for students to withdraw from a course that runs in the front seven weeks of the semester and receive a “W” designation (instead of a “WF” or the dreaded “F” for failure) on their academic record (there is a similar date for 15-week courses; we’ll remind you of that one, too).
What does this mean for you? It’s time to check in with your students!
To help your students make an informed decision, you can

  • Provide timely feedback on their progress in the course (i.e. make sure they have marks in D2L at this point in the semester);
  • Have a conversation with students (via email, or in person) who are struggling or not showing up, about how they can seek extra help (from you, or the services we’ve already featured in The Hub this semester, like Study Skills, or Tutoring & Academic Skills);
  • Encourage your students to see you and/or email you with course questions or concerns.

For formative feedback ideas that can help you and your students gauge progress in the course, see the “Engaging Teaching” section, above.

speech-bubble-2400pxServices for Students

Aboriginal Student Services

Rooted in Indigenous perspectives, Fleming Aboriginal Student Services strives to nourish students’ spirits on their learning path by supporting connection to community, culture, and self.

Aboriginal Student Services provides cultural programming, one-to-one student support, and meaningful partnerships with Indigenous organizations and local service providers to foster student success and connect students to community.

For more information, please visit the Aboriginal Student Support Services website, which includes a calendar of upcoming events in the local area.


LadyReadingSilhouette-300px Ontario Extend

What’s Going On Here?

This time, our favourite Ontario Extend “daily” comes from within our own college: #oext58 asks “what is going on here?” in this image.

Or, if you’d rather, you can contribute to the CVS application for a new Taylor Swift program:

Have your say: Tweet #oext58 OR #oext64 AND #FlemingLDS with your response!



Visit the LDS Team website, give us a call at extension 1216, follow us on Twitter @FlemingLDS, or send us an email: LDSTeam@flemingcollege.ca!


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