The Teaching Hub: Week Eight, Spring 2017


It’s the *NSYNC Themed, BYE BYE BYE Edition!

It doesn’t infringe on any copyright for you to play some *NSYNC in your head, so let’s let Justin in as many of you go Bye, Bye, Bye for the summer.

Gerald-G-Fast-Food-Drinks-FF-Menu-8-300px Engaging Teaching

Summer Reading List Time!

What are you going to read?

aurium-Laptop-in-Line-Art-300pxLearning Technology

If you’re reading this on your desktop computer, have a look over there to the right -> and then maybe up a little bit ^. Do you see something that looks like this?

Fleming Campsites RSS feed

That is an RSS feed. It collects posts from a bunch of sites and lists them here. More specifically, this RSS feed is a collection of posts by Fleming College faculty using their own free WordPress sites to reflect and share ideas about their teaching. We are calling them #flemingcampsites. A literal camp site is a place to settle in, put your stuff and then sit around the campfire, sharing and reflecting. Your digital campsite can do something much like that. You can share and reflect on your teaching and learning in an open place. This RSS feed helps you to easily visit the other campsites and join other campfires. Here are three things of varying levels of commitment that you can do with this:

  1. Check out a post or two from your peers by clicking on them. You will make them very happy by doing so.
  2. Start your own #flemingcampsite (email us for help)
  3. Add the same RSS feed to your site (email us for help with that, too).

If you already have a site, let us know the URL if you’d like it added to the feed. We will send out occasional prompts for what you may or may not want to put in those sites. Here’s the first prompt: What’s on your summer reading list?

johnny-automatic-file-cabnet-drawers-300px College Departments

Last week, we used Padlets to get your thoughts on things. For example, in the College Department section, we asked “Which college department comes to mind as one that does not get enough credit for all that they do for students and teachers at Fleming?”

The victorious, most-mentioned department was IT Support! Think about it, all these amazing things that we can do with all our devices and all they want to hear about from us are the problems that come up. We recommend heading down to the IT Helpdesk and telling them about a few things that have gone right. For example, you could say

“Oh hi there! This morning when I tried to send an email to a group of colleagues, I was able to attach a number of files of different types and send it to them so that they received it instantly. I thought you would like to know.”


Ruler-300px Policies & Procedures

Last week, we used Padlets to get your thoughts on things. For example, in the Policy & Procedures section, we asked “What is, in your humble opinion, the most important policy at Fleming College?” The answer?

Hmm… Academic Regs and Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Yup. That’s probably right. Find them here.

Transmission-tower-by-Rones-300px Services for Students

Last week, we used Padlets to get your thoughts on things. For example, in the Services for Students section, we asked “What is a service provided for students here at Fleming that not enough people know about?” The answer?

Support staff, going about their everyday work, chat with students, cheer them up, encourage them, sometimes just ask “how’s your day?” to invite someone out of their loneliness.


The two members of the LDS Team who are support staff themselves say “Yeah! Totally! Support staff are the best!”

carrito-de-la-compra-300pxProfessional Development

Remember up higher in this post when we talked about #flemingcampsites? That is your PD suggestion for this week! Invariably, the most popular, effective and exciting things we share on the Teaching Hub are the things that you, the faculty, share and do and write about. The #flemingcampsites are a vehicle to increase that sharing. A lot. It’ll give us all more access to each other’s teaching ideas. That mountain we all have to climb just got a lot shorter. So again, here are three suggestions:

  1. Check out the other #flemingcampsites
  2. Consider getting your own! (email us for help)
  3. Write a post about your summer reading list.

Chattering-teeth-300px Chatter

Have a look at the other Padlet responses from last week’s Hub Specifically, check out all of the great engaging teaching tips some anonymous hero left in the very first Padlet. The index card participation idea especially is intriguing.

Also, here’s another little piece of summer reading: The Open Faculty Patchbook. The newest patch by Helen Bajorek-MacDonald and Susan Hyndman called The Feedback Loop de Loop. Awesome stuff!

Have a great summer! See you in the Fall 2017 Week Zero Edition.


Visit the LDS Team website, give us a call at extension 1216, follow us on Twitter @FlemingLDS, or send us an email:!



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