The Teaching Hub: Week Six, Spring 2017

teacherhub17s6Gerald-G-Fast-Food-Drinks-FF-Menu-8-300px Engaging Teaching

As faculty members at Fleming College, you may soon be handing your Spring 2017 course to another instructor while you go on your well-deserved summer break. Before you head off into the sunset, one thing to consider is how you might best hand the course off to your colleague so that it is not like this:

At Fleming, we call this the F72B7HO (Front Seven to Back Seven Hand Off). Actually no. No one has ever called it that. Until now.

It’s now the beginning of week 6. You have two weeks until it’s time to F72B7HO. We have a couple of suggestions throughout this post, but we don’t know the best hand-over routine out there. So please, tell us how you do it. Leave a comment at the bottom of this post to give your peers some ideas for a happy hand-off.

**FYI, the idea for the hand-off edition is brought to you by Tom Jenkins, a.k.a. DJ Jenky Jenks.**

aurium-Laptop-in-Line-Art-300px Learning Technology

D2L Thing of the Week: Discussion Tool


The discussion tool in D2L is a great way to set up reflective practice and to allow students a place to continue thinking about your course outside of face to face class times.

So, to help the new instructor, how about trying this? Post a discussion for your students to share their thoughts on the course so far.

“Tell [Back 7 Instructor] about the first half of the course and what you hope for the remainder of the semester.”

This could help the B7 Instructor join the course community in a nice, smooth, and flowing manner. Nice move, Front 7 instructor!

Want to learn more about how to set up and use the Discussion tool in D2L? Check out our handy dandy tip sheet!

Non-D2l Tool of the Week: Communication Tools

A quick Google search provides 612 000 000 results for Communication Tools in 0.81 seconds. You can use one of those to keep a channel of communication open to the Back 7 instructor. Not necessarily for regular communication, but maybe just in case there’s something that comes up that only you can help to fix. Let us know how you plan to keep F72B7 communication channels open in the comments section below.

Ruler-300px Policies & Procedures

As part of your F72B7HO you may want to let the Back 7 Instructor (if they are new to Fleming) know about the Academic Regulations, which outline many of the important rules we need to follow as teachers and learners at Fleming College.

johnny-automatic-file-cabnet-drawers-300px College Departments

Department: Convocation

While not technically a department, Convocation at Fleming takes the expertise and efforts of employees from a wide range of departments, across all campuses… with too many people deserving of thanks to list here. Convocation is an important celebration for our graduates and their families and friends.  Special thanks are owed to everyone who helps to make this celebration run so smoothly, and creating special memories for all involved! See one of those memories below.

Transmission-tower-by-Rones-300px Service for Students

Convocation! Some students may possibly sort of look forward to this event. But much, MUCH more importantly, many staff members really look forward to this time. Why? Because they get to drive awesome golf carts and chat with grads! At the Sutherland campus convocations, the ceremony is held up at the Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre. It’s a bit of a walk from the parking lot, so the college provides shuttles via these awesome golf carts. Fleming staff members covet this opportunity, even when it’s in the pouring rain. Congratulations to all the grads!

Jodie Black, whose normal day job is as a Pedagogical Whisperer, doesn’t like it when other cart drivers try to take her customers

carrito-de-la-compra-300px Professional Development

There is an educational technology conference called Domains 17: Indie Ed-Tech and Other Curiosities. This conference would be of interest to us in the LDS Team, and many faculty and students at Fleming, as we move toward more open learning. But there are a couple of barriers to attending this conference:

  1. It is in Oklahoma City.
  2. It happened last week.

Is that going to stop us from getting something out of this conference? No! Because of the wonderful people of Virtually Connecting, there were sessions run in which people at the conference, including the keynote speaker, chatted with those who could not make it in person. And they were recorded! All of the recordings can be found on the Domains 17 Virtually Connecting blog post here.

For a quick look, the video of the first session is below. It was hosted by local terrible host Terry Greene who does a really bad job of introducing the whole thing. But the session in which they roam around the Domains Fair is great, nonetheless.


Chattering-teeth-300px Chatter

The Open Faculty Patchbook is now up to 14 Patches! Here is the world leader board:

  • Fleming College: 9 Patches
  • Rest of the World: 5 Patches

The rest of the world is catching up! Two new patches came in in the last week from non-Fleming folks!

  1. Maha Bali from The American University in Cairo shared a patch she wrote with two of her colleagues called What We Learned From Co-Teaching
  2. Kisha Tracy from Fitchburgh State University in Massachusets shared her patch called Excuse Me. Why Is This Important?

Let us know if you want to get patchy with us, so we can maintain a healthy lead on the world.

1488160614-300px Information

Visit the LDS Team website, give us a call at extension 1216, follow us on Twitter @FlemingLDS, or send us an email:!


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