The Teaching Hub: Week Fifteen, Winter 2017


Gerald-G-Fast-Food-Drinks-FF-Menu-8-300px Engaging Teaching

Engaging teaching is all around us, and it’s going to be the talk of the day at our Spring Teaching & Learning Day. The Day will be a continuation from the Winter, but it doesn’t matter if you missed out on our Winter Teaching & Learning Day, though. It’s like all those Marvel movies; they’re in the same universe, but you didn’t have to see one to enjoy the other (our Teaching & Learning Days are all in the Universal Design for Learning Universe). The difference for this one is the setting: we’ll be hosting it at the Frost Campus on Wednesday, May 3rd. 

It’ll be a day of sharing practices about intentional course design, and we’ve got some all-star colleagues to share their experiences with creating/selecting materials, and creating assessments. There will be carousels and rock iterations; screens will read to you, and your slide decks will engage you to no end. So come on over and share your awesomely engaging teaching strategies and design approaches on May 3! For more information on the sessions and schedule, please click here.

Registration is now open! Click here to register (Registration closes Wednesday, April 26th).

aurium-Laptop-in-Line-Art-300px Learning Technology

D2L Tool of the Week: Course Content Copy


Here is a series of events you may be in the middle of at the moment:

  1. You see shiny new Spring 2017 courses in your D2L course list.
  2. You see that these courses are, by default, empty shells waiting for something to happen.
  3. You may want to copy content from a previous version of your course into your shiny new shell. There are two routes:
    • You can do it yourself if you have access to the previous version of the course; or
    • You can have it done for you by the astonishingly helpful people of the Learning Design & Support Team.
  4. From there you can continue on with your life in any way that you see fit.

Gif source:

Non-D2L Tool of the Week: Low-tech special! Whiteboard markers on windows!

The latest in our series of video hack jobs is to share a too-little-known fact: Did you know that, according to whiteboard markers, windows and whiteboards are essentially the same thing?

**note: If you find some half-decently new whiteboard markers, you can actually see what is written!**

Ruler-300px Policies & Procedures

This week’s policy: Take a break from policies and/or procedures.

14 weeks of Policies & Procedures is enough, wouldn’t you say? Take a break this week.

“Break Time” flickr photo by born1945 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

johnny-automatic-file-cabnet-drawers-300px  College Departments

Department of the Week: The Office of The Registrar

Last week in The Teaching Hub we made the following claim:

“Please watch out for an important email from Shelley Rowan with the subject Final Grade Collection for Winter 2017.”

And look what happened at 12:41 p.m. on April 11th:


There you have it, folks; the LDS Team can predict the future. Also, here is the important information from that email because GRADES ARE DUE ON TUESDAY THE 25TH AT NOON! Entering Grades in Evolve

 Transmission-tower-by-Rones-300px Services for Students

Do your students need a General Education course to graduate?

There are two General Education elective classes running in a compressed format, Introduction to Improv and Virtual Culture. Students can finish the class and graduate if this is their only course deficiency.

  • Introduction to Improv is 2 weeks in length: (Mon – Thurs) April 24th to May 5th
  • Virtual Culture is 4 weeks in length: online April 24th to May 19th

Students can register now in the Registrar’s Office. Additional fees may apply.

carrito-de-la-compra-300px Professional Development

As you move into the Spring development season, a good place for a kick-off is the Spring Teaching & Learning Day on May 3. There we will continue to discuss intentional course design using the anchor of the Critical Elements of UDL Instruction, and focus in on materials and assessments. Come learn with us! For the details, you may recall seeing them at the top of this blog post, so go back there to see them again!

 Chattering-teeth-300px Chatter

Rather than report on last week’s chatter, we made the teeth icon actually chatter, just for fun:


If you’d like to know how to do such a thing, contact us using the information below, and use the secret code: I want to make chattering teeth or something like that, too!

1488160614-300px More Information

Visit the LDS Team website, give us a call at extension 1216, follow us on Twitter @FlemingLDS, or send us an email:!


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