The Teaching Hub: Week Eleven, Winter 2017


***Read to the end for details/attribution on our new icons***

1302375751-300px Engaging Teaching

Designing Formal AssessmentsPulp-O-Mizer_Cover_Image2

Those final assessments of the term are beckoning, aren’t they? You have multiple choices for how to go about designing a formal assessment and a bank of multiple choice questions is just one of them. While they are not always the most authentic assessment of students’ learning, sometimes they are necessary. But how do you write a good (in psychometrician terms, defensible) multiple-choice question? (choose one)

a) See the summary of a presentation on this exact topic by James Parker, psychometrician.

2) See the printable pdf version of the same thing.

c) It’s always c), just choose c).

e) Turn left at the spooky old oak tree.

***This is an example of a terrible multiple choice question, please choose either a) or 2) for actual help***

aurium-Laptop-in-Line-Art-300px Learning Technology

D2L Tool of the Week: Quiz Tool

There are a variety of ways to set up your quizzes in D2L. They can be invigilated in the Testing Centre (Brealey and Frost), written in class, or done by the students on their own time. As you can see in the image to the left, there are also a variety of question types that you can include in a quiz in D2L. Also, quizzes can be:

  • randomly generated from question sets
  • created by you or uploaded from a textbook test bank
  • have single or multiple attempts
  • set to send grades right to the grade tool automatically
  • auto-graded, graded by the teacher or a combination of the two


Non D2L Tool of the Week: Authentic Assessment Toolbox

We decided to step out of the ‘box’ so to speak this week and introduce you to a toolbox instead.

This toolbox was build based on research conducted by Jon Meuller, his research paper is a great read and provides context and background on the toolbox site he has been keeping up to date. As you check out the toolbox, be sure to go through his orientation to standards, the types of standards as he understands them, as well as how you can design and assess authentic assessments.

Ruler-300px Policies & Procedures

Coming Soon! Online Accommodated Test Booking.


Gone will be the days of the paper test request forms for students booking accommodated tests.

This spring, Accessible Education Services will be launching its online “Accommodated Testing Services” for students and faculty.

Stayed Tuned for more information as we prepare to roll out the new system.

image source “douroucouli” flickr photo by jaakko.hakulinen  shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

 johnny-automatic-file-cabnet-drawers-300pxCollege Departments

There’s this one department at Fleming that’s called the Learning Design & Support Team that does some stuff around here. See the video to find out what some of those things are.

Also, as per the engaging teaching section, we can help you with your assessment design. As well, we can help with hack jobs at creating videos. Let us know if you’d like some help:

 hitchhand-300px Services for Studentspost-38985-sports-do-the-thing-win-the-po-ODZm

By way of recreation, fun and community-spirit building,  provides a variety of services for students:

  1. Intramurals: not murals that are inside other murals, but organized sports amongst students within the college. For example, there is free drop in badminton at the Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre and a curling bonspiel in Lindsay on April 2.
  2. Extramurals: not like spare murals that you store in your garage, but teams that enter into sports tournaments like hockey, basketball and cricket.
  3. Varsity: These are the teams with full on schedules going out there to try to best other colleges like the villains of Durham College. Go team!

See the calendar in the portal or for detailed details.

image source

carrito-de-la-compra-300px.pngProfessional Development

One of the benefits of open educational practice is that you can still learn from professional development events that have already happened. People share their takeaways! How about that? Last week, eCampus Ontario hosted the Student Experience Design Lab Kickstart Event. You can learn all about each student group pitch through Brock’s Giulia Forsyth’s awesome sketchnotes, which she always shares openly. She’s cool like that.

 Chattering-teeth-300px Chatter

Last week, we announced that our search for words that rhyme with ‘edition’ had grown futile and that we were abandoning the tradition of rhyming our post names with edition. Boy, were we wrong! We had a visit from [insert name here] with a list of approximately 10 million more options we could have used. Here’s a sampling of exciting, spooky or just plain fitting editions that we could do in the future:

Psychometrician Edition | Inquisition Edition | Juxtaposition Edition

Academician Edition | Premonition Edition | Admonition Edition

Terry, unfortunately, can’t remember the name of the visitor with the list! What a terrible omission! Was he an apparition? If we find out, we’ll do a re-transmission.

***UPDATE! it was Scott Moore, Professor in the HRAC Program! Thanks, Scott!***

1488160614-300px More Information

Visit the LDS Team website, give us a call at extension 1216, follow us on Twitter @FlemingLDS, or send us an email:!

***The new icons came from where people share openly licensed icons. That’s nice! Thanks to the following users for our new icons:


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