The Teaching Hub: Week Ten, Winter 2017


This week’s Hub is dubbed the “Depletion Edition,” not because we are feeling depleted, but because we are plum out of words that rhyme with edition for edition-dubbing purposes. Also, we know that depletion itself doesn’t rhyme with edition, but it’s close enough. And now for your regularly-scheduled programming.

teac hing icon Engaging Teaching


Here are some things that happen when you are teaching and students are learning:

  1. You get through all the planned activities too quickly.
  2. Students get stuck on something and you just can’t move on as a class until you’re unstuck.
  3. You have some students flying through everything and others getting stuck.

Here’s a tidbit that may help you gain tricks up your sleeve (as long as you’re not a pineapple, which doesn’t have sleeves*). When you are planning out your learning activities, take a moment to think of some alternatives. We’ll use the physical skill of learning how to do a squat as the task to exemplify how to plan this way.

  • The Target Task: Do a full squat with an exercise bar.
  • Simplified Task: What is an easier version of the task? Half-squat, no weight. 
  • Complicated Task: What is a more difficult version of the task.  More weight, one leg, front squat
  • Extended Task: What is the next task in the sequence of learning. Dead-lift, lunges

Basically, to have in mind what is easier, what is harder, and what is next allows you to more easily adjust your instruction on the fly and gives learners a more individualized learning path. It may not work in all learning contexts, but it could be a helpful mindset.

*h/t to George Fogarasi for sharing the Pineapplegate story

tech icon Learning Technology

 D2L Tool of the Week

A big part of checking in with your students is for getting feedback on how things are going and how they are feeling about their learning. D2L has a few tools up its sleeve that can help you get that much needed information. Each of these tools can be found by clicking on the ‘Communications’ tab on the navigation bar in your course.

decorative image
From Giphy
  1. Survey tool – The survey tool is very similiar to the quiz tool in D2L, but you can make the submissions anonymous. For more information click here.
  2. Chat tool – You can setup a chat room and ask students to provide feedback during a specific period of time, You can provide questions to guide the feedback ahead of time and post the questions again during the chat time that you have organized. Students can provide feedback quickly and as a group this way. For more information click here.
  3. Discussion tool- You can set up a discussion forum and topic to garner feedback from your students. You can even set up the topic so they can post anonymously if you’d like them to provide feedback that way. For information click here.

Non D2L Tool of the Week

If you are looking for something that may make giving feedback more like a game, you might want to check out Kahoot! We’ve featured this web application previously in the hub but thought it might be a good time to share it again, it’s use in class came up a few times during our Teaching and Learning Day on March 3.

decorative image
Snip from Kahoot Website

Kahoot continues to develop new types of questions for its application. They have recently added jumble questions, this allows you to set up answers that have to be placed in a specific order. Could be used to reinforcing procedures, showing how to solve a problem, etc., Check out more information here.

Just in case you don’t see the student hub, check out what they are learning in regards to presentations… we like to keep you in the loop!!

polci icon Policies & Procedures

 Sexual Violence Prevention

Fleming’s Sexual Violence Prevention Policy (Policy 3 – 43) sets out the college’s “response procedure to sexual violence and ensures that those who experience sexual violence are believed and their rights respected.” As a faculty or staff member, you might be the support a student seeks out if they experience sexual violence; as such, you need to be aware of your responsibilities. Helpfully, the college has provided a wealth of resources for staff and students related to this policy on its Sexual Violence Support Services website, including on- and off-campus resources and programs, myths and facts, and FAQs.

dept icon College Departments/student service icon Services for Students

Visit: for everything they talked about in the video above, only in website format.

pdicon Professional Development


Registration is now open for this year’s part-time, partial-load, and sessional faculty conference being held in Toronto at the Humber College North Campus on Saturday, March 25th, 2017. Included in the complimentary registration is a continental breakfast, inspiring keynote address from Ken Steele, a networking faculty lunch, parking, and two breakout sessions of the participants’ choice.  

The registration link is hereAll are welcome.

communicate icon Chatter

One definition of the word chatter is:

a series of waves or ridges on the surface of a piece of metal that has been imperfectly drawn or extruded

Which is what we are always trying to go for here in this section. Actually, we are going for something else entirely;blog_image_cover follow-up on things we’ve talked about before. This week, we are following up on The Open Faculty Patchbook, which is the faculty development manual that we (as in anyone who wants to be involved) are developing. So far, we have 10 people internally signed up, and a number of external people have expressed interest, with two signing up so far, including Chuck ‘Not That’ Pearson from Tusculum College! Add your name to the form to join in, or contact us if you want more info.

info icon More Information

Visit the LDS Team website, give us a call at extension 1216, follow us on Twitter @FlemingLDS, or send us an email:!


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