The Teaching Hub: Week Six, Winter 2017


This is a public service announcement!

The Teaching and Learning Day is on March 1

Please join us for an exciting and engaging day focused on professional development and teaching and learning at Fleming! For more information, please see the schedule for the dayRSVP is required by February 22. You can do that here

now back to your regular scheduled programmming

teac hing icon Engaging Teaching

 Connected Courses

Tyler & Shahab, getting connected

Students in the Fitness & Health Promotion program this semester have been partnered up with students in the College Health Science program (GHS). The FHP students act as fitness testers/ trainers to the GHS students, who act as the client. The benefit for FHP students is that they put into practice the techniques and skills that they learn about. Helen Bajorek-MacDonald, College Health Science Faculty, explains the benefit to the GHS students below:

“Participation in the FHP collaborative learning experience provides GHS students with several learning benefits. First, they interact with students in another program where they can share / reinforce / explore cross-program learning, such as human anatomy connections. Second, as ‘client’ to the FHP ‘trainer’, the GHS students are able to experience what it’s like to be on the other side of the ‘patient/care-giver’ equation. Finally, GHS students can learn about a program they may be considering as a pathway option upon graduation from the College Health Science program.
For example, GHS ‘client’ students had their resting and exercising heart rates tested by their FHP ‘trainer’ who learned how to apply heart rate measurement skills on a willing participant. During these learning/practice sessions in the FHP environment, conversations take place between students, and are then carried over into other classroom settings, such as biology where the discussion can then include both the theoretical, and the practical.”

It’s symbiotic. Have an idea to connect one of your courses to another? Let us know, and we can help facilitate negotiations:

tech icon Learning Technology

 D2L Thing of the Week: Discussion Tool


The Discussion tool available in D2L is a great way to set up reflective practice for students.

You might want to:

  • set up a question for them to answer before they come to the next f2f class;
  • set up weekly one-minute reflections that they complete before they leave class; or
  • have them present and share work or research in a discussion topic; other students can then comment, ask questions, or provide feedback.

Want to learn more about how to set up and use the Discussion tool in D2L? Check out our handy dandy tip sheet!

Non-D2L Thing of the Week: Appear.In

Appear.In Easy to use web conferencing and screensharing application
Appear.In Easy to use web conferencing and screensharing application

Very slick little Video Conversation App for up to 8 individuals with screensharing capability. Create a room, share the link, enjoy your conversation 🙂

Appear.In everything about setting it up is on one screen.
Appear.In everything about setting it up is on one screen.


student service icon Services for Studentsstudentlifegif

Do you like those pretty icons flashing by over there? Do you want to see all of them in their natural habitat and find out what information they may lead to? Then take yourself to the Student Life tab on the Portal. And tell your students about it, too. It’s all for them, after all!

go to that tab

polci icon Policies & Procedures

sandford-sketchSir Sandford Fleming College has been around for 50 years now.  Coincidentally, Fleming College has been serious about Student Rights and Responsibilities for all of those 50 years. 

Under the current iteration of the policy, the college is committed to providing…
“…a climate of understanding and mutual respect for individual dignity and worth, in which each person has the opportunity to develop as an individual and contribute positively to the College Community.” (policy 5-506 SRR)

And the student is expected to…“…conduct themselves as responsible members of the College Community.” (policy 5-506 SRR)

Visit the Student Rights and Responsibilities site to learn about rights & responsibilities, complaints and appeals processes. 

Oh and did you hear we’re celebrating our 50th this year? You might even say that that’s the start of something amazing.

dept icon College Departments

This week we feature International Student Services. They won the honour and distinction of being the Teaching Hub department of the week by saying yes when we asked them if they would like to be featured. International Student Services provides services to students coming to us from outside the country. This makes perfect sense, given the name of their department.

Do you have international students? Here are 10 teaching tips and two services you might want to share with them:

  • International Student Services has a range of supports and resources for international students. International Services Coordinator, Amanda Gray, can help students connect with services.
  • Free drop-in language support is available to all. At Frost, drop by on Wednesdays from 2-4 p.m (room 294). At Sutherland, drop by on Tuesdays from 1-3 p.m. or Fridays from 2-4 p.m. (room C1203.5). For more information, contact Tracey McConnery, Manager of International Student Services and English Programs.

pdicon Professional Development

Advancing Learning Conference 2017 – Call for Presenters/Participants


Fleming’s Academic division will be sponsoring up to five (5) Fleming faculty members to participate in the Advancing Learning Conference, taking place May 17 & 18 at Mohawk College in Hamilton. This year’s theme is “Reality Check.” Complete this application form to be considered to attend. If you’re interested in being a presenter, please get in touch with us ( or extension 1216) for support and advice, and submit your proposal to conference organizers by February 28th. Once you’ve submitted your proposal to the conference, you’ll need to complete this application form as well, and be prepared to share back with your colleagues here at Fleming after the conference.

communicate icon Chatter

Things we’d like to hear from you about this week, by commenting here or email (

  1. Any “connected courses” ideas you may have (see Engaging Teaching);
  2. Any desire you have to attend/present at Advancing Learning (See Professional Development);
  3. Comments about the plan for our March 1st Teaching & Learning Day (see Public Service announcement at the top); and
  4. What was better: Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl, Or B.T.O at the Grey Cup?

info icon More Information

Looking for more information, or want to chat with Jodie about your favourite episode of “Black Mirror”? Visit the LDS Team website, give us a call at extension 1216, follow us on Twitter @FlemingLDS, or send us an email:!


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