The Teaching Hub: Week Three, Winter 2017


Last week we started a new tradition of rhyming the name of the post to ‘edition’. Thus, this week’s post is called the ‘Permission Edition’. The permission we speak of comes in the form of Creative Commons licensing.Creative Commons License

 We declare The Teaching Hub CC-BY!

This means anyone can take anything on The Hub and use it, re-mix it & re-use it for your own needs. We just ask that you in turn share what you do with it and maybe hook us up with some attribution for our work. So please, if we happen to put something on here that actually makes sense and you could use in your own work, take it!

teac hing icon Engaging Teaching

Each week this section will cover one of the Teaching Works High Leverage Practices that we are using in the Open Faculty Development Textbook project. If you’d like to be involved with the project, please let us know. This week’s skill is:

Checking Student Understanding During and at the Conclusion of Lessons.

Imagine if this poor little cat was in your class, scribbling away in her little notebook and then she looks up at you with this look that says “I just don’t get it!” Please see this link for ideas on how you might be able to help Mittens understand what is going on. 
Confused flickr photo by slava shared under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license

tech icon Learning Technology

D2L Thing of the Week: Grades

DON'T GO.png

Nothing is more satisfying in life than making this annoying note go away from your D2L grade book. That’s because it means you’ve created a happy grade book. If D2L were a Super Mario game, that note would be the Bowser at the end of the level. You have to jump on its head three times to make it go away. Here are the instructions for defeating the D2L Bowser (starting on Page 4). Let us know if you need help. We’ll be Luigi to your Mario.

Non-D2L Thing of the Week:

Have a look-see at this cool way to collaboratively annotate works that you find on something called “The Internet.” It can turn any page you find into a discussion, making the Internet your oyster. Take that, Internet! Maybe your students could use this to share thoughts and discuss content that you cover in class, or even connect to others interested in the topic.

polci icon Policies & Procedures

For this week’s policy, we Googled the topic we wanted to showcase and then copy/pasted from the first result, pretending it was our own work. The topic? Academic Integrity. (Editor’s note: please put the previous paragraph in sarcastises, we did write it ourselves)

Academic Integrity – What do you do if you find evidence of cheating or plagiarism in your classroom? Academic integrity in teaching, learning, and research is fundamental to a learning organization. There is an expectation that all faculty, staff, and students adhere to a high standard and that violations (such as cheating and plagiarism) should have serious consequences, but how do we evaluate academic integrity?

Currently, breaches of Academic Integrity at Fleming College are based on a four-strikes-and-you’re-out policy. Breaches of academic integrity are reported by faculty, in writing, to the Registrar. The details are contained in the Academic Regulations Policy 2-201. A new policy is currently in the works and we will update you when that policy is implemented. 

dept icon College Departments

The department of the week contest for this week was the “Which Department Lives Closest To Our Department?” Contest. The winners? The Tutoring & Academic Skills Centre! (Or as they are colloquially known in this hallway: The T.A.S.C. Force!) They are the unsung heroes of the college. See the Services for Students section next for more information on what they do for students and how you can refer your students to them.

student service icon Services for Students

“When it comes to tutors, the earlier in the semester that you sign up the better. Use them and then lose them.”

-Ancient Mesopotamian Proverb, probably

Tutoring. One-on-one or small group help in an area in which the student needs help. A service for students doesn’t get much better than that. But wait, there’s more!

  • It’s free (no bribes necessary);
  • It’s for everybody, except Lonnie;
  • There are one-on-one, or small group sessions;
  • Drop-in sessions occur for Math, Test Prep & Success Strategies; and
  • There is additional support for students registered with Accessible Education Services.

So, should your students maybe know about this service? Ummmm, yeah!

  • Your students can book an appointment for a tutor online here.
  • Or, students may be able to become a tutor themselves here.

In summary, if you tell your students about the T.A.S.C. Force, they will probably think you are a super cool teacher who cares about their success in your course. If you’d like an orientation or demo from the fine folks in the TASC Force, find their info here.

pdicon Professional Development

It might surprise you to find out that what truly motivates us… autonomy, purpose and mastery.

How might this new knowledge impact what you do with your own professional learning? How might this change how you motivate your students in their programs and courses?

communicate icon Chatter

This section is here to report back on past topics the Hub has featured. We’re happy to say that the collaborative note-taking idea has been taken up by a few courses/programs and we are honing in on a simple process for getting students set up and empowered with this super-skill. Holla at us if you’d like to know more and please let your students know about the idea!

info icon More Information

Looking for more information? Visit the LDS Team website, give us a call at extension 1216, follow us on Twitter @FlemingLDS or send us an email:!

Creative Commons License
The Teaching Hub by Fleming College is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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