The Teaching Hub: Best of Fall 2016 Edition


Thanks for the fun idea, Lonnie! This issue of The Teaching Hub includes the ‘best of’ for each category from Fall 2016, as voted on by people who don’t know any better. Ties were broken via sumo wrestling. Included are runners-up (The Penultimates) and then winners (The Ultimates) and a few Side Awards for good measure. Please direct any disbelief/discontentment at the results to @pancakes_lonnie.

teac hing icon  Engaging Teaching

The Engaging Teaching category is used to give teachers some new or used ideas for engaging learning activities as well as to give faculty a chance to share what they are doing/thinking about in their teaching. The runner up & the winner for this category both come from faculty sharing what they do. It seems the Academy of Teaching Hub Voters thought that was pretty awesome. Congrats to Amanda and George!

Runner up: Amanda Mushynski’s ‘Here comes the Blog’ from Week 12

blobbbbbOnce in a while, the world is kind enough to give us worthy sequels like The Dark Knight, The Empire Strikes Back, and Hamlet 2. Today is another one of those days. We are proud to debut a second edition to Speakers Corner! You may have seen the original, by George Fogarasi, released back in 2016. Well, the sequel is coming to you from Amanda Mushynski of the PharmTech program and she is going to take you on an adventure into the world of Open Learning Communities through blogging. We’ve already read and enjoyed the article immensely ourselves, so we’re going to go watch Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, but go ahead and check it out to see if the exciting things PharmTech are doing could work for you (and even see some of the great work the students are doing). Check out Here Comes the BLOG!

Winner: George Fogarasi’s Digital Dance from Week 10

This week’s special episode of Engaging Teaching has a guest speaker! And by speaker, wespeaskers corner.gif mean that our guest speaker has written an article for us using digital tools that include a keyboard and a Word document. So it’s almost like he is speaking to us through the written word, like a writer! Anyway, our guest speaker this week is none other than George Fogarasi! George imparts concepts, skills, and ideas to students in a number of General Arts and Science courses. If you ever get the chance to have a chat with him, try not to let his enthusiasm and passion about just about anything rub off on you. I dare you! We asked George to speak to us, through writing down words, about Digital Pedagogy. He came back to us with a Digital Dance. Check it out, it’s great.

tech icon  Learning Technology

The Learning Technology section is used to tell you about digital tools, old and new, and some ways that you may be able to use them in your teaching.

Runner up: Faculty D2L Level 2 from Week 3

We’ve heard your feedback, and are proud to announce Faculty D2L Level Two is NOW available…

d2llevel2In this mastery-level course you will:

  1. Spend time thinking and learning about new ways to create and present content in your course pages;
  2. Learn and try out the new Virtual Classroom tool and other communication tools; and
  3. Learn about rubrics, and badges, and awards… oh my!

You can self-register for Level TWO on D2L, in the Help and Information Widget (yellow-header, right-hand side, scroll ⇓).


Winner: Twitter Blog Combo Package from Week 12 (in Course Outline Format)

Course Title: The Twitter-Blog Learning Community Combo Package

Course Hours: 0.02    Pre-requisite: The ‘Here Comes The BLOG‘ article on Open Learning Communities Amanda Mushynski wrote that we just told you about in the previous section.

Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Consider using some of the ideas that Amanda has used to build learning community.

Learning Resources: To be honest, this fake course outline is the learning resource itself.

Assessment Summary: Learning Community Development Plan (100%). Please email it to for feedback within the hour (no less than 50 pages)

Learning Plan: So just like, read the article and think about it and let it take you down any road you wish. You can contact Amanda or us if you’d like to try something and need some help!

Course Fee: $5 cash money discreetly slipped under the door of C1203.8

polci icon Policies & Procedures

The Policy & Procedures section is the timeliest of sections, as we try to pick the most pertinent college policy or procedure for that week to share to you. Because really, how much policy and or procedure can you really take at one time? Small doses are best.

Runner Up: Copyright from week 9

In honour of the Library, we have foregone the written word to provide you with a video interview about copyright policy. Turn up your volume because the camera-person who shot this video is a hack. And turn on the closed captioning. That helps.

See the Library’s dandy copyright libguide site by clicking those colourful words from earlier in this sentence that say ‘copyright libguide’. Marcia is at extension 1356 or

Winner: Attribution from week 10

We’re playing fast and loose with the concept of a policy this week, because it is not a policy as much as it’s a suggested cool thing to do. It does involve procedure, so there’s that! This week we want to talk about attribution. Now first, let’s get trivial details like an explanation out of the way: By attribution, we mean that when you’re looking for (Creative Commons properly licensed) photos and stuff to add to your course pages (and other online spaces), you should be cool about it and give attribution. As in tell us where you got the picture so the artist gets some cred and feels good about themselves for contributing to a greater world.

hackeysackHere’s an example: At our Fall Teaching & Learning Day, we wanted to sort people into groups of four for an active learning activity. We Photoshopped famous active learner Judith Limkilde into various scenes. From there we created simple puzzles and gave everyone one piece so people could find each other and put it together to form a group. All images were found through Creative Commons Search and then used this flickr CC attribution helper tool (which saves this all from being a huge pain in the behind) to add attribution to the images, as you can see here. Now everyone is happy! Judith gets to do all these great activities, and the original photographers get the credit they deserve.

dept icon  College Departments

The College Department of the Week section is used for two things:

  1. To let faculty know what various college departments can do for them &
  2. To make up a fake battle-of-the-week that never really happened to determine the winners.

Side Award: best fake department of the week contest-The Battle of the Ska Bands from Week 5

This week, we held a battle of the ska bands for the glory of being the Teaching Hub Department of the Week. The Library’s house band, The Mighty Mighty Bosstomes, led by David Luinstra, brought down the house with their rendition of “Bad in Plaid.”

Runner up Department of The Week: IT Service Desk from Week 4

Winner of The Department of The Week Cage Match is the IT Service Desk! Check out this documentary directed by Alana Callan and starring Rick Robinson. Rick tells Alana how they are truly here for everyone.

and check out their website here.

Winner: Academic Operations and the Course Outline Due Date from week 12

Sutherland Campus, Grid Version

In this week’s department of the week contest, we actually figured out how to send people into The Grid to have one of those Light-Cycle battles like in Tron. To date, Academic Operations is the only department to have made it back out. We’re sure the others are okay… While we wait and hope for the others to return from their digital nightmares, Academic Operations wanted us to give you a Pop Quiz! Here we go!


What do these 3 important events have in common?

  • 1901 – Walt Disney was born
  • 1933 – United States ends Prohibition with the ratification of the 21st Amendment
  • 2016 – Winter course outlines are due at Fleming College

Ding ding ding! These things all happen on December 5th! That’s right folks, your course outlines for the winter semester are due on December 5th. If you have questions about your course outlines, check out the How-to Guides and the FAQ from Academic Operations. Also, please if you know how to do a Human Grid Extraction, let us know.

student service icon  Services for Students

The Services for Students section is all about trickle-down. We let you know about something the students might want to know about, and hope that you in turn let them know about it. It’s a reverse pyramid scheme, or something.

Runner up: Text to Speech from Week 5

listen to this video while you read along to this week’s Services for Students section

Do you want to listen to, instead of read, your Microsoft Word documents? Of course you do (or you at least want to try it out)! It’s fun, easy, and free!

  1. Create a word document. We recommend putting funny phrases into it to practice and make yourself laugh. Or use an actual document. You pick. Check out this how-to video or the Accessibility Centre tip sheets to learn more about making a Word document accessible to screen readers.
  2. Add Speak to your Word quick access toolbar. Here are step-by-step instructions. Then highlight the words you want to read and get ready to listen to all the funny stuff you wrote in the Word document.
  3. Spread the word that text-to-speech software is the coolest! Share it with your students, your colleagues, your neighbours, and especially your barista.

Disclaimer: We know the Microsoft reader voice isn’t everyone’s cup of tea at first, but hey, it might just grow on you. Do you have other tech you use for text-to-speech? Share please!

Winner: Student Life Tab from Week 6

According to Google, a portal is “a doorway, gate, or entrance, especially a large and elaborate one.”  Fleming College originally wanted to call its portal The Especially Large and Elaborate Entrance, but it just didn’t quite stick. This week in the Services for Students section, we want to highlight how the portal has recently become more especially awesome and grand.


Student Services has put together a snazzy new Student Life tab in the portal to help students (and faculty and staff!) find the right resources when they need them.

pretty slick looking, eh?

Clicking on the pretty icons gives you a list of available resources, and there’s even a link for staff-only resources, including the CCR. Now, to give credence to the CCR, we need to be clear that it is not the doo-doo-doo looking out your backdoor kind of CCR, but the Co-Curricular Record kind of CCR. Both CCRs are awesome. Check out Fleming’s CCR in the Student Life Portal while listening to the other CCR, linked below from their verified Youtube account.

pdicon Professional Development

The Professional Development section is to share with you things you can do to develop in a professional way. These opportunities can be big or small or even kind of medium sized.

Runner Up: Top Ten Conferences from Week 8

This post was from week 8 was moved to our department site to keep forever and ever. Check out the Top Ten Conferences we thought you might be interested in!

Number 10


Winner: UDL comes alive from Week 10

michael_jackson UDL Comes Alive

This zombie-reminiscent headline might seem like it belongs back in our “Spooky” edition, but it’s really just the title of the Universal Design for Learning presentations held at George Brown College during week 8. Several faculty members attended the Introduction to UDL session, while members of our very own LDS Team attended the UDL Presenters’ Academy, both hosted by CAST. Participants learned about how to address the learner variability in every classroom, and how to support students to become expert learners. Stay tuned for more from those who participated in the sessions…
For now, here’s Mary’s first attempt at a Storify (with thanks to Alana for the inspiration!), including some tweets (#UDLComesAlive) from that day:

communicate icon Chatter

The Chatter section is normally used to beg you, the reader, to get involved by commenting or sharing some teachy-type stuff with us. This week, we’re using it for more silly awards.

Side Award: Best Edition.

In week 5 we started to give some flavour to the editions.

Runner Up: The Bike is Upside Down Edition

Through the magic of Photoshop, we flipped the bike around and called it a day on naming that week’s post.


Winner: The Pumpkin Spice Edition

If they can have Pumpkin Spiced Mini-Wheats (which were kind of gross, btw) we can have a Pumpkin-Spiced blog post.


Side Award: Best beg for help

We unabashedly begged for your involvement in the Hub. Our favorite was the time we devoted a whole edition to begging in the Call for Help Edition in which we asked for help with Open Faculty Development Textbook Project

Side Award: Best comment

We love it when people comment on our posts, especially when the comment shares new ideas and insights. However, in the spirit of it being the end of the semester and brains are running out of thinking energy, here is the comment to which we have awarded the Best Comment Award:

What do we win – what do we win – is it chocolate???

Comment by ‘A’ left on November 28th

Side Award: Best heckle by Lonnie

Oh Lonnie, thorn in our side and wind beneath our wings. Here is our favorite Lonnie comment:

Side Award: Best Award

This right here ‘best award’ award is awarded the ‘best award’ award.

info icon More Information

This section is used to let you know how to get in touch with us and stuff. We did it well in week 11 and really knocked it out of the park in week 2.

Runner Up: Week 11

Looking for more information? Visit the LDS Team website, give us a call at extension 1216, follow us on Twitter @FlemingLDS or send us an email:!

Winner: Week 2

Looking for more information? Visit the LDS Team website, give us a call at extension 1216, follow us on Twitter @FlemingLDS or send us an email:!


See you next year!


The Teaching Hub: Post 16, Week 15

icons are by

Almost there! Keep swimming!

teac hing icon Engaging Teaching

Here is a Twitter conversation brought to you by members of the COMM 201/202 redesign team. Please defiantly read it, you have nothing to loose!


tech icon Learning Technology

This time of the year is very, very busy and we are all looking for an easy way to get organized for the approaching winter semester (Also referred to as 1171 if you speak Evolve code). If you are wanting to roll over your previous course content into your Winter 2017 course shells, you can access this handy tip sheet.

There are just a couple of things you should know before you get started:

  1. giphy

    You can only roll content from one semester to the next if you have taught the course previously AND if you are teaching the course in the new semester. Think of it this way: it’s not an easy button; it’s a way to copy what you already have access to into a clean, blank course page.

  2. If you don’t have access to a previous semester’s version of the course content to do the copying yourself, you can email Alana Callan or Terry Greene and they can copy the content for you.

Sound simple? We sure hope so!

If you are allergic to tip sheets, our friend Kristina Lonsberry created a handy-dandy video that walks you through how to copy content from one course into another in D2L:

Created using Animoto.

polci icon Policies & Procedures

We would like to start off this week’s Policy section with some new wave music about policy, to get us in the policy-thinking mood. (linked from their record label’s official account)

Now that you are sufficiently primed for some policy reading, check this out!


Information and privacy concerns (about volume, sensitivity and/or access) come up whenever data is collected – including in your classroom! The college collects student information to assist with processes that are necessary for teaching and learning. This includes student names, contact information, and grades. The use of this information is regulated by Fleming College’s Student Statement of Privacy and the Personal information and privacy rules in Ontario. So, just like a cold virus, if you’re not sure – don’t share!

(in other words, don’t put your class list up on the projector in class)

student service icon Services for Students

For students feeling the last-minute pressures of week 15, they can check out the Learning Strategy drop-in hosted by Fleming’s Learning Strategist and Learning Strategy Advisors. The drop-in runs on Mondays from 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. in the Tutoring and Academic Skills Centre at Sutherland Campus. Students can get some practical study tips and strategies to help with with last-minute test prep and assignment completion. PLUS, week 15 features a special topic called Strategies for Buying Your Favourite Faculty Member an Awesome Holiday Gift so make sure you tell students to check it out!

Remember, the Learning Strategy drop-in runs every Monday from 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. in the Tutoring and Academic Skills Centre (this isn’t just a week 15 thing!).  All students are welcome, so we encourage you to encourage students to check it out!

dept icon College Departments


This week in fake department of the week challenges, we invited the Office of the Registrar to a Mariokart N64 Mushroom Cup Grand Prix race and of course they got a red shell and beat us at the last second. ARRGGH! We’ll get you next time!

As the winners of the Department of the Week, the Office of the Registrar wants to remind you again that grades are due by noon on Tuesday, December 20th. You can use their handy instruction manual to help input your grades into Evolve, and/or watch their video tutorial!

If you have any questions, you can contact Shelley Rowan (ext. 1512) or Marg McGee (ext. 1510).

pdicon Professional Development

Here’s a thing that we are doing for new faculty just before next semester: Teaching and Learning Boot Camp Level 1! If you come, you’ll hear tell of some teaching tips for the first days and weeks of class. We’ll discuss how to:

  • Set positive expectations for learning
  • Promote engagement through classroom management
  • Plan and deliver effective and engaging lessons
  • Get started with D2L

Although this session is targeted to new faculty, all are welcome, even LonnieAnd stay tuned for Level 2, coming in Week 8! If you’re into things like details, here they are:

Sutherland: Thursday, January 5th, 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. OR 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. (choose the time that works best for you; we’ll do the same thing at each session), Room B2 101

Frost: Wednesday, January 4th, 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m., Room 103

Here’s another thing we do for faculty just before next semester: Get It Together Sessions! New and returning faculty are invited to drop in to get your questions answered and meet colleagues who can help.  Stop by booths from the following departments:

IT/AV | Academic Operations (course outlines, etc.) | Accessible Learning Materials
Learning Design and Support Team (D2L, Teaching and Learning, Assessment)
Library | School Offices | Tutoring & Academic Skills

Sutherland: Thursday, January 5th 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. & 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., in the Learning Commons

Frost: Wednesday, January 4th 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. & 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. in the Learning Commons

communicate icon Chatter


info icon More Information

Looking for more information? Visit the LDS Team website, give us a call at extension 1216, follow us on Twitter @FlemingLDS or send us an email:


The Teaching Hub: Post 15, Week 14


If you’d like to get in the laid back spirit, play this video while reading this post. The video is 4 hours long, so read slowly.

teac hing icon Engaging Teaching

Peer to Peer Assessment

Did you find yourself thinking this morning, “What is the deal with peer to peer assessment?” If so, read on. We want to pose an either/or question for you to ponder. There are no right or wrong answers, except that one of the choices will be right for you, and the other will be dead wrong. Here are two choices to think about when having students assess each other’s work:

  1. Do nothing. This way you may get to enjoy the hilarity of entertaining dynamic duos like Chandler & Joey, Walter & Jesse , or Jerry & George. These relationships are entertaining, usually because of miscommunication and lack of mastery-oriented feedback skills.
  2. Choose the boring option and teach your students a little bit about mastery-oriented feedback. This way students are able to functionally critique each other’s work, depriving the world of some joyful entertainment.

If you choose to go with boring option number two, try printing out this handy handout with tips for Mastery-Oriented Feedback for you and your students to use.

tech icon Learning Technology

This time of the school year is so busy, it almost paralyzes you. To get past the feeling of overwhelm, you need to distract yourself in order to get ALL of the work done. Believe us, we know. 🙂

So to procrastinate a little more, I found a 7 Ways to… article, but then quickly decided to check out games that you might like to try, instead.

brainThe crackling fire at the top of the post reminded me of a childhood favourite story game, “in a dark room.” In this game, you build on the suspense of the story until it culminates in a lame ending, a funny ending, or a super scary ending!

The online version of this story is also called “in a dark room,” and you can check it out here.

Your reward for checking it out is another “7 ways… ” link, but this time it’s about how games engage the brain.

polci icon Policies & Procedures

This week’s very special procedure spans multiple systems and multiple departments. It is also in regard to something  your students (hopefully) hold quite near and dear to their hearts: Spoiler alert, it’s FINAL GRADES!

Grades for courses ending December 16th must reach their final destination by high noon on Tuesday, December 20th. These final grades go through a process akin to a prisoner transfer. They need to be closely supervised on their trip from one system to another. Grades will travel from D2L, which is the Learning Design & Support Team’s jurisdiction, all the way over to Faculty Centre, which is in the Registrar’s wheelhouse. This is where grades become official.

On that note, please watch out for an important email on Monday, December 5th from Shelley Rowan with the subject Final Grade Collection for Fall 2016. This email will provide instructions on how to complete the transfer.

**Another important note, and don’t ask what it means because no one really knows what it is or why it has to happen, but you may need to clear your cache for Faculty Centre to be happy with you and let you do your job.**

student service icon Services for Studentssac

In breaking news, the Fleming Student Administrative Council provides a whole whack of services for students. It might even be described as their raison d’être. Feast your eyes on their website to read all about it. Let’s let them tell you about something they are super stoked about:

dept icon College Departments

This week, for the “Roaring Fire” edition of the Hub, we held a pretty laid-back College Department of the Week competition. Inspired by the mastiff featured below, we held the Most Laid Back Competition. Competitors were encouraged to take their time or not even compete really at all.

We were actually so laid back ourselves that we didn’t really watch anyone compete or even make a scoring rubric. We just straight up awarded the award to Human Resources. Congratulations, HR! You deserved it. Here is what HR would like to say to you with their Hub space:

Hurray! Another way to find out what is happening at Fleming! There is so much going on for faculty and staff at the College that keeping track of where and when it is all happening can be tricky – especially if you missed the email. You may have just overheard some hot gossip about something coming up as you walked down the hall and want to know more. You can take matters into your own hands now, and check the Upcoming Events widget on the staff tab of the Portal which is brought to you by the HR department!

Said widget is on the main page when you log in to Look down and to the left when you get there.

pdicon  Professional Development

Your suggested professional development for this week is to take it easy when you can.

communicate icon Chatter

Last week, we asked you to vote on content for the Open Textbook Faculty Development Project. There are 19 options and we want to narrow it down to 10 or 12. You can go and do one vote per day until the semester is over, if you’re into the whole laid back vibe we have going here. We’re keeping the survey open for a while to collect more responses. If you get the chance, please go and cast your votes. Stay tuned for more info about other exciting student-created open textbook projects now in the works at Fleming. If you’re interested in knowing more, please let us know.

info icon More Information

Looking for more information? Visit the LDS Team website, give us a call at extension 1216, follow us on Twitter @FlemingLDS or send us an email:!