Chickens, Canoes, and Curriculum: Aligning & Building Curriculum 2016

A group of Fleming faculty and staff attended the Aligning & Building Curriculum (ABC) Institute 2016 at Elmhirst Resort in May. We enjoyed the great location, food, and networking with colleagues from other institutions across the province. Oh, and we also learned about curriculum. Here’s the link to the ABC Resources, so you too can access information on learning outcomes, curriculum mapping, and Quality Assurance. Here are a few highlights of the programme.

Jodie Boudreau facilitated a very well received concurrent session on Universal Design for Learning, and brought the group outside to learn while taking advantage of the beautiful location and weather:

Flip Charts

Evening walks around the property revealed the source of some of the delicious food provided by Elmhirst:


The weather cooperated long enough for us to take advantage of Elmhirst’s canoes (and we didn’t tip!):


And participants, including Chris Cole, demonstrated their learning in creative ways during the Showcase on the final day:

Chris Cole

If you are interested in learning more about ABC, please get in touch with the people who attended this year’s programme: Chris Cole, Casey van den Heuvel, Eva Rees, Amanda Rochon, Jodie Boudreau, and Mary Overholt.  If you’re interested in attending ABC next year, talk with your Chair/Supervisor/Manager, or an LDSTeam member to learn more!

Mary (on behalf of, and with additions from, the ABC 2016 crew)


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