Retreat and Reflect

Copy of IMAG0609On May 3rd, we hosted the Academic Division Retreat. We chose the theme ‘Re-framing’, as in re-framing your thinking, your perspective, even your synapses! What we provided were some sessions, workshops and spaces that tried to open people to new ways of looking at things. We tried to do that through workshops on culture and community and also by transforming the lower cafeteria in to a hands-on ‘Makerspace’ where attendees could get engaged in creating things. If you want to see some pics from the day, click here

After the day we send out a request for feedback that we could add to this blog post. Here are some snippets.  Thank you for the feedback!

  • Thanks, it was a fantastic event!
  • Always enjoy being part of these events. Top marks to the LDS team! Especially Terry (Editor’s Note: That last part was added by Terry himself)
  • I always attend Divisional retreats, they are a great opportunity to exchange between the academic and service areas and find new ways to collaborate.
  • Like, like, like. More like these events please. More interactivity, more fun, more playing, more silliness, more Hufflepuff, more, more, more!
  • I’m loving the direction of these days… they just keep getting better!
  • Literally everything I attended worked well for me. I was impressed by the diversity of options available, and the sessions really spoke to my current interests and needs.
  • Having a choice between the three streams and then the individual sessions. I was able to tailor the day to my needs.
  • I participated in the “two-eyed seeing” session and the experiential learning aspect of the session was very powerful. I would like some ideas on how to incorporate experiential learning into my curriculum
  • Sometimes, the self introduction part of individual sessions takes time away from delivering the “take home tools” that we as teachers can use.
  • I think we need focus on curriculum design and redesign
  • Perhaps just a bit more time so that there is at least 45 minutes dedicated to Makerspace (it could be towards the end for the keeners like me :))
  • I liked the “craft” aspect of some of the activities. I get thoroughly sick of doing everything on the computer, so creating something on paper stimulated both my manual and creative dexterity.
  • I liked that it was “go at your own pace”. We could pick and choose which stations appealed to us, and could spend more time at those that “sparked” an interest. I also like the variety of options available. The “dress up in the free market” was my favourite 😉
  • I found the brain centre fantastic! I made some huge leaps in my understanding of accommodation while trying to push around a backwards bike! I was disappointed that I did not get to make a chair!
  • I really enjoyed. It was a fun, informal way to explore new concepts and meet new people. I prefer this format to standard lecture-style sessions. I know budget is an issue, but I would love to see more tech to play with and learn about.
  • I attended “Creating Accessible Documents” and “Teaching & Learning Community of Practice”. I really liked both options. The most beneficial part of the sessions was coming away with new options and contacts for support. As well, both sessions provided valuable resources.
  • I liked having a practical project and seeing/using some of the college facilities (wood shop) that I haven’t used before.
  • Just found it very confusing initially. then I understood it after hanging around for a bit. But I think whoever is at the table they should have a small demo set up at special times first. That would make things easier and more understood, and open for questions.
  • Loved the backwards bike and demonstration of neuropathways – applied learning!

Moving forward, we certainly want to improve these events so we have taken this feedback and will work it in to the next event (Location, time, details, everything TBA!). Please comment below if you have any further suggestions for us.

Thanks for reading!


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