Planning to Reflect… Preflection?

Next Tuesday, May the 3rd, we will be getting together for another Academic Retreat at the Sutherland Campus. The theme for the day is re-framing your perspective and will be focused on 3 streams:

  1. Academic Council Updates
  2. Culture and Community
  3. Teaching and Learning With Engagement

The first two streams will be delivered through workshops and seminars at specific times and places. See session info here. The 3rd stream is taking the Wild West approach of a ‘Makerspace’. We will transform the cafeteria area into a place with many different, mostly DIY areas for creating things. This will hopefully do two things: put you back into the mindset of a student for a short period, and give you ideas and experience creating things for your courses. The point is to produce stuff during the time we have together. Hopefully stuff we can use!

Some of the things we are hoping will be created: contributions to our community of practice assignment bank, videos, GIFs, images, blog posts, games, chairs, flexible learning spaces, accessible documents, comics. You will also have the opportunity to retrain your brain! That rhymes so it’s good! And everything will be tweeted. We plan to be the Peterborough Twitter trend of the day. We will all be a part of history.

With that in mind, there is one thing we would really like to produce on that day with your help: Our next blog post. And we want that post to be a reflection on the day. So please, if you’re willing, come to the table that says Bloggy Bloggy Bloggy Blog (like the image below) and write a short paragraph reflecting on one of your retreat experiences (from any stream). We will collect those quotes/reflections into our next blog post so that we can all learn from each other. See you there!




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