The 9 x 9 x 25 Challenge

… But really, we’ll take 1 x 25

(aka Blogging About Blogging… and Getting Others to Blog: The Meta-Blog Post)

You, as a faithful reader and supporter of our LDS Team blog, know that we (ahem, @greeneterry) have set a goal to produce one blog post each week, taking turns to do so. Thus far, we’ve tackled professional learning (a topic you’ll be hearing much more from us about in the coming weeks and months), classroom management, game-based learning, and proactive communication with students. Those of you who were at our Week 8 Academic Division Retreat will have recognized some of the “humblebrag” stories shared there as well. Now, we would like to keep that conversation going, and provide all Fleming faculty and staff members with an opportunity to share with colleagues, while simultaneously relieving us of our weekly guilt-trip from Terry about who’s writing the blog post!joinus-black

Teaching & eLearning Support at Yavapai College challenged their faculty members to create 9 pieces of writing with 25 sentences or more each week for 9 weeks – the 9 x 9 x 25 Challenge. They wanted to “give faculty a playful space to share and learn and to see what colleagues are doing in classes… and push teachers to be reflective practitioners in the field of education” (We Triple Dog Dare You). Their challenge included a final blog about their blogging experience (a blog about a blog; how meta!). In it the professors reflected on how their attitudes toward teaching and learning changed, grew, were inspired by, and/or reflected in their blog posts. Some were surprised to find they had “whined” through many of their posts. Some were inspired by the writing and work of their colleagues. Mostly, they wrote about how challenging it was to produce 9 25-sentence pieces of writing in a week!

So while we share the short- and long-term goals of the 9 x 9 x 25 challenge, we would never put that much pressure on you, our already busy faculty members! Let’s face it, if we struggle to get one post done per week, and there are 5 of us, how could we expect 9 posts from anyone else in one week?

So, here’s the Fleming version of the challenge: Share something with us. We will, in turn, share it via our blog with our many and varied readers (444 hits to far, thank you very much!).

It can be about

  • successes in the classroom,
  • challenges you’ve faced/are facing/would like help with,
  • a new tool/idea/piece of technology you’re using,
  • the professional learning you’re engaged in (including participating in our Communities of Practice on D2L)

The possibilities are endless. But the blog post is not. We’d be happy with 25 sentences, or more, or less. Pose a question, link to some resources, use the self-referential links we on the LDS Team are so fond of. There are lots of ways to get to 25, or 12, or 40 sentences. And we’ll even provide editorial help.

Who knows; just might start a conversation with colleagues, or inspire your own blog, or even motivate you to facilitate a session at our next Academic Division Retreat (taking place on Tuesday, May 3rd – mark your calendars, more information to come soon)!

(Note: Now this blog post is exactly 25 sentences in length!)

Email us at if you’d like to participate. That sentence doesn’t count in the total. Or that one. Or that and this one.joinus-black


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