The Humblebrag Debrief

Congratulations again to our winner Joanna Ettlinger for her teaching moment, The Porno Mustache and honourable mentions to our runners up Ian Guest for Anyone Can do Anything and Gerald Guenkel for “Suit” the Students. It was such a pleasure to share these stories and receive the support of our peers!

It was also a great opportunity to participate in teaching as a reflective practice.

The process of reflection helps us to monitor our own development from beginner to experienced teaching professional; it enables us to improve! Reflection is often a professional requirement which allows us to provide evidence of learning and development. It also creates an active learning environment for ourselves and for us to share with our students.

In a professional setting, reflection is:

  • deliberate;
  • purposeful;
  • structured;
  • about linking theory and practice;
  • to do with learning;
  • about change and development – becoming a reflective teacher.

How can I use this in my teaching practice?

reflection process

Using reflection in and on action to improve teaching and learning from Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector by Peter Scales (2012)

Thanks again to everyone for their humour and humility!


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