Professional Learning… how do I get started…

When you look at this competency wheel you’ll notice a slice of the pie that indicates one of the competencies as ‘Commitment to Continuous Professional Learning’. Now some of you might be asking:  What does that really mean?? How does that happen?? Where do I start??

So here is some advice:

Faculty Competency Framework
Faculty Competency Framework

Like any new (good) idea, you should start with an objective(s).

What do you WANT to achieve?
What do you want to be BETTER at?
What skill would YOU like to improve?

These goals BECOME your professional learning goals!

When you are setting your learning goals, think of the SMART goal framework. SMART goals are: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.

When you are setting your learning goals you may also want to consider:

  1. Checking in with colleagues and friends to see what their goals are.
  2. Researching what options are out there to attain your specific goals.
  3. Investigating new resources or publications that are available for you to access.
  4. Looking for someone in your professional network that you would you like to collaborate with to help develop your skills and abilities.

These are just some ideas to get you started. No two professional learning plans will be alike, so think of this plan as your Personal Professional Learning Plan.

As a member in the Learning Design and Support team here are some of the books and resources I am currently reading:

(Click on each resource to access a link)

Finally, one last piece of advice as you continue on your professional learning journey: consider yourself to be working and learning in perpetual beta!!





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