Welcome to the flemingLDS Blog!

Starting right now, we’re going to tell the story of what we are working on with a weekly blog! We’ll keep the posts short, sweet and to the point. Well, sometimes we may ramble on, but only if it helps tell the story. Or if it’s funny. We will tell you about projects that we are working on and a little bit about about why and how we are aiming to enhance good learning design and teaching excellence. We’ll also tell you what kinds of technology we are working with on the projects.

For example, we are currently working on a Fleming College Course Design Framework, and we have a new infographic to represent it. Check it out below. An infographic is a visual representation of a process, concept, or a principle. You can create your own for your courses as an aid to help your students understand something. We created this one using Piktochart. They are fun to create because you get to choose funny pictures to represent ideas. Let us know if you’d like help creating an infographic for your course at LDSTeam@flemingcollege.ca

The Course Design Framework infographic below provides an overview of the Course Design process. We have more that dig deeper into the steps of Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation. Find them all on our website here. The status of these infographics should be set in your mind to ‘draft’ or ‘not yet officially approved by anyone’ but they are informative, so enjoy!


Course Design


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